How to train your pet rat to go into a litter box

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3 easy steps to litter train your rat(s)

How to Teach a Rat to Jump into Your Hand on Command

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Hi viewers, this is my first video on YouTube. The video is steps on how to teach your rat to jump into your hand. This is one of my two rats, Pepper. I am a…

How To Get Into The Head Of Any Horse In Minutes And Establish An Awesome Mental Connection

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Getting inside the head of a horse is absolutely necessary for bringing out the best in both horse and human. The more mentally connected they are to each other (or as we humans like to say, … Read More

NEW !!!!!How to train your parrot/pet bird to go back into its cage- Method:The Bird’s Nest

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In this video I explain in the simplest and the most creative way I could think of how to put your parrot in its cage. Since its usually a bummer for many pa…

How to Teach Your Horse to Walk Into the Trailer on its own

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Check out our other videos at Robyn Spector trains out of Lone Willow Ranch in Petaluma. She specializes in starting young horses and findi…

Top tips on how to keep your dog safe, healthy and well when they come into your family home

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Watch our video feature where vet Luke Gamble and animal lover and former Blue Peter presenter Peter Purves give advice on dog health and how to get your kids involved in looking after your dog When … Read More

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