Omega Fatty Acids and Your Dog and Cat (Part 3)

All About Omega Fatty Acids In Human, Dog and Cats – Part 3 – The Long Version

by T. J. Dunn, Jr. DVM

This is PART 3 of 3 articles from … All About Fatty Acids in humans, dogs and cats … You have read about them, seen advertisements about them and maybe even have taken them yourself; but do you really understand what “Omega fatty acids” are and how they impact the health of you and your dog and cat? Let’s find out more about them in this presentation.

PART 1 – Omega Fatty Acids and Your Dog And Cat – The Definitions
PART 2 – Omega Fatty Acids and Your Dog And Cat – The Short Version
PART 3 – Omega Fatty Acids and Your Dog And Cat – The Long Version

(Read this article …)

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3 Responses

  1. Ruth
    | Reply

    Hart, I have linked to your article. It is a necessity to read for any pet owner interested in Omega’s.

    Thanks, Ruth,

  2. HART
    | Reply

    Thanks Ruth .. This long version has everything in it! 😀

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