Shake a paw with the Master Miss Cricket – by Mary Helen Ferris

Here is a poem by my good friend Mary Helen Ferris, shown on the left. . I hope you visit her Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and check out her other poetry collection. You can also find her on Empire Avenue … [Read more...]

A Late Hello – Adopting a Senior Dog

A Late Hello "Aint but three things in this world that's worth a solitary dime, But old dogs and children and watermelon wine." The old song by Tom T. Hall went through my mind as I began to think … [Read more...]

Working in a Pet Store: Expectations vs. Reality

I worked for a large retail chain dealing in live animals and pet supplies as my first job out of high school. At the time, I thought it would be the perfect job for a young pet lover eager to make … [Read more...]

Rat Relationships: More Complex Than You Might Think

If you've never been fortunate enough to interact with a large group of domestic rats over an extended period of time, you may not know that rats are very similar to humans in terms of social behavior … [Read more...]

Do Horses Enjoy Being Ridden?

Some years ago, I received the gift of a book by the owner and administrator of a large animal sanctuary. Overall, the book was a touching tribute to the many animals rescued by the author. But one … [Read more...]

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Tory's Progress So Far

Since Tory's surgery to correct his elongated soft palate, his breathing has improved by leaps and bounds. These days, I can hardly tell he was ever impaired at all! He snorks and wheezes like a … [Read more...]

My New Foster Dog, Tory: Part Four

In part three, a veterinarian diagnosed Tory with several health problems requiring surgical correction. Tory had surgery yesterday, and I'm pleased to report that he's recovering well, although still … [Read more...]

My New Foster Dog, "Tory": Part One

I mentioned yesterday that I'm expecting a new foster dog to arrive soon. We'll be following my new foster dog, "Tory," on his journey from intake to adoption. He's not here yet, so today we'll … [Read more...]

Sex and the neutered cat (Caution: some explicit language)

I have always considered myself to be a fairly knowledgeable person when it comes to pet, cats in particular. I've had pets of one sort or another all my life and I majored in pre-vet/biology in … [Read more...]

Keiji the Kitten Finds a Home for the Holidays

Keiji was my first foster pet, and since he came to me in the holiday season, Christmas Day seems like a good time to post his story. Kitten-in-a-Box Keiji entered my life in a blue plastic box with … [Read more...]

Eye Trouble – Seeing Is Believing

My Teary Eyed Jelly Belly One bright sunny Spring day, I was outside watering my garden when my cat, Jelly Belly, came over to me and brushed against my leg. I gave him a little scratch behind the … [Read more...]

5 Things I've Learned About Life From My Dogs

1.   Find joy in the simple things An enjoyable meal.  A casual walk.   A stroll through the woods.   Time with family.   These are the kinds of things that provide deep, long lasting … [Read more...]

The Cutest Flickr Slideshow That You'll Ever See!

And who would have thunk it - the slideshow is of my own pets!! This week, I upgraded to the PRO flickr account and have been starting to upload various types of pictures to the internet, in my … [Read more...]

Dog Breed Infatuations

Today I caught myself wondering why I've fallen in love with certain dog breeds and not others. For example, I'm not a big fan of really small dogs (anything under 15 pounds). My wife loves small … [Read more...]

The Buzz About Stings

Enjoying the Outdoors I currently have three cats. Two of them, Jelly Belly and Skylar, like to occasionally go outside and lie around in the sun. They're both altered males and both are getting on … [Read more...]

For the Love of a Bulldog: An Interview with Royce Hong, and My Review of the IPEVO PoV Web Camera

Have you ever been on vacation, feeling homesick, and wanted, more than anything, to see your pet? Royce  Hong, CEO of the electronics company IPEVO, has. While traveling, Royce found himself missing … [Read more...]

The Miracle Sheltie

This post was written by guest author Dave Stewart. In 2000, I was living in a townhouse just outside of Baltimore; we had finally got a fence and I longed to get a dog. My wife, on the other hand, … [Read more...]

Clifford the Big – Lipoma?

This post was written by guest author Kristen Martin. Please visit Kristen over on her blog at Who's Your Audience - Stream of Consciousness. Wellington - the Black Lab / Chow Mix Wellington is an … [Read more...]

Skylar's Abscess

The Story Not so long ago, one of my cats, Skylar, a nine year old altered smoke tabby, got into a fight with another cat. I don't usually let Skylar or my other cats outside, but when the weather's … [Read more...]

The Loss Of A Friend – Our Cat Colonel

I was thinking of pets that I have now and pets that I have loved and lost and I wanted to share a special story of how wonderful animals are, how heart wrenching their passing can be and how … [Read more...]

What is Your Puppy's Name?

I was out walking my dogs out back near the creek the other day, letting my dogs walk with me offleash, when they spotted another dog about their size in the horizon. Maxxie immediately started to … [Read more...]

Weddings And Your Pet

My wife and I married in a Medieval Themed Style wedding back in the summer of 2002. Our only Papillon dog (at the time), Maxxie, played a major part in it. It was an outdoor wedding and afterwards … [Read more...]

Thank You RUTH For Watching Over The PetLvr Blog!

I just want to publicly thank Ruth, from the Happy Pet Stop blog, for helping me out last week and for Guest Blogging all week! My schedule always seems to get exponentially busier 'offline' around … [Read more...]

8 Things You Wanted To Know About My Two Papillon Dogs But Were Afraid To Ask!

Well .. I've been tagged again for another meme .. by WildCatsThree in The Dog Log blog. Here are the rules of the game: * Link to your tagger and post these rules. * List eight (8) random facts … [Read more...]

How a Cat Matures

When a kitten is born, it is hard to believe that one of these helpless little pink things will become a graceful and powerful hunter. However, within a year, that tiny kitten will be a mature … [Read more...]

A Shout Out For The Animal Victims of Peru Earthquake

I receive many emails every day requesting reciprocal linking .. but when I received an email request from Ladyhawke Catherine ... I thought I could do little more. There are many volunteers trying … [Read more...]

My Pets

By Megha Mathur I have been with pets since I was a toddler. It started with my love for a stray ginger bread with a dab of cream colour scheme dog, whom I had named Tikki. He would visit our home … [Read more...]


By Bob Cheney Well, what is there about them you can say that is positive? How can anybody trust a creature that is born without arms or legs and smells with its tongue? Obviously, you can see I … [Read more...]

Dogs Or People

By Melvin Polatnick Loving and caring for a pet brings out the best in those that love their animal. Too often the love and care they give to their pets is focused just on their animal with the … [Read more...]

Do Animals Have Emotions?

By Audrey Frederick Do animals have or feel emotion, I cannot tell you the number of times I have been asked that question. My answer without even looking for any specific emotional studies on … [Read more...]

Hero Pets

Hero Pets By Nicholas Hunt The storybooks abound with tales of heroic pets, and the amazing deeds they performed to save their masters from danger, or protect innocent children from harm. The classic … [Read more...]

Ode to KIRBY The Papillon

For the AWWWWWWWWWWWW Books This is a bit late, about 36 days ... REST IN PEACE: Kirby The Papillon Dog - February 12, 2007 We were watching the 2007 Westminster Kennel Dog Show on TSN tonight … [Read more...]

Doggie Duds! By Brenda Puttaert .. at

Do You Need A Doggie Dud? I posted a sneak preview of The Next Canadian Top Dog Models: Maxxie And Sophie the other day ... well, the poster is now complete. Doggie Duds! is owned by Brenda Puttaert … [Read more...]

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