ace ventura pet detective funny scenes montage tribute PART2

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description


What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. therealearthmunkey
    | Reply


  2. 3434aaaa
    | Reply

    Courtney Cox was so fucking hot back then.

  3. rijk1987
    | Reply

    Where is the part of the mental hospital

  4. laurence2648
    | Reply

    I thought I was gonna get rick rolled at 2 29

  5. Crystal123486
    | Reply

    How does he do that girl scream?? LOL

  6. ZwMonoGiaARI
    | Reply

    funniest man alive

  7. lParoXismel
    | Reply

    @CeruleanFilms worthy isnt it .. i think

  8. antiguakarateca
    | Reply

    jim carrey is the best comedian

  9. XsJeroen
    | Reply

    epic dance @ 0:24

  10. conkeronine
    | Reply

    @killahBeez303 iam miss the 90’s too man

  11. bilyboby101
    | Reply


  12. samcushen
    | Reply

    hahaha love the sex scene … with that song .. so appropriate and fucking hilarious 😀

  13. KuliJens
    | Reply

    Click, Yes man, etc. are not as good as his older movies.. The older movies we’re FLAWLESS!!!

  14. TheAC29
    | Reply

    @killahBeez303 Good thing I was born and miss the 90’s

  15. rossyboy108
    | Reply

    if you look very closely at around 2:22 you see a very fast close up of his face

  16. Icrackmyselfuptimes2
    | Reply

    @ 6:15 he looks adorablee!!! 😀

  17. HinduGangsta
    | Reply

    you should have just showed the whole movie

  18. camcat77
    | Reply

    Cracks me up at 6:26!!!!

  19. CactusJackFan
    | Reply

    @KuliJens I do believe Click was Adam Sandler but I agree, he was hilarious in these. “See that you do. If I’d been drinking out of the toilet I might have been killed!” always gets me.

  20. KuliJens
    | Reply

    @KuliJensI know i said click in my earlier comment and i didin’t mean to xD stupit mustake

  21. Purdonnnnn1873
    | Reply

    Amazing music….. hahahahah XD.

    | Reply

    Courtney is soooooooo……..

  23. fromdaghettowithlove
    | Reply

    I am going to try this trick with the dog…

  24. Slazfreska
    | Reply

    6:26 yea pmsl

  25. Slazfreska
    | Reply

    6:26 yea pmsl and 5:41

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