You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

Ever had your cat snap at you or bite while you were only petting her? It’s not that she isn’t friendly or doesn’t love you, it’s because cats have a certain way they enjoy being petted and it’s not the same way a dog enjoys being petted! Learn a few helpful tips and tricks from Jackson and your cat will be on your lap in no time asking for more.

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11 Responses

  1. Rednecksith5
    | Reply

    In my experience, indoor cats are more aggressive about being petted in a way they don't like. Indoor / outdoor or outdoor only cats are less picky about how you pet them, probably because they get plenty of exercise by roaming around doing… well whatever it is cats do other than hunt.

    My last cat was a bit different. When indoors, he was a big old softie who loved being scratched behind his ears, having his belly rubbed, and so on. When outdoors, he did NOT like being petted unless he came over and 'asked' me to, for the most part. Otherwise he'd immediately get a bit aggressive. Must have been a territorial thing.

  2. Alexander Balesini
    | Reply

    My cat loves being pet almost everywhere even her belly.

  3. knocknockify
    | Reply

    Your cat is gorgeous

  4. sondor
    | Reply

    The cat i used to catsit would sit on my chest till I couldn't breathe and in return she would let me pet her like crazy ?

  5. Tartat AJ
    | Reply

    Sometimes my cat just comes up to me and starts rubbing his face all over my face and lays down then he gets all excited and starts biting me, I think he just wants to play but idk, he rubs his face on mine a lot

  6. Tartat AJ
    | Reply

    A good place to pet your cat is where they can't itch themselves. I pet behind my cat's ears, I scratch his neck, and he likes it when I pet the bottom of his tail, like near his back

  7. twistedmetalplayer21
    | Reply

    My cat never does it. Any time she "attacks" it is playing around. that is how she playes with me. She acts like a bitch and i act like one back and she loves it. Also my cat love loves it when I pet her over and over like that. She purposefully seeks it out.

  8. Neymarboss11
    | Reply

    Why did I watch this, I don't even have a cat…

  9. ‫سمعمعة‬‎
    | Reply

    That is a great intro ?

  10. Cezar Lacrone
    | Reply

    idiot. really.

  11. Janelys Rivera
    | Reply

    me watching this his tail twitching I look at him his tail want a little faster then I'm typing this he bit my arm because I try to pet him now I understand why his tail does that now I now not to pet him #thankyou?

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