Your Toy Puppy's First Check-up and Settling In

Your Toy Puppy’s First Check-up and Settling In

By Connie Limon

Try not to take your new puppy to the vet the very first day you bring him home. Allow your new toy puppy to get acquainted with its new family, home and surroundings. Do take your toy puppy to the vet within 48 to 72 hours and begin to establish a rapport between the vet and your new puppy.

You will want to make sure you’ve purchased a healthy puppy. If your vet finds disease or a defect the breeder was not aware of your health guarantee may warrant a return of the puppy for a full refund or exchange within a certain amount of time.

It is important to spend time with your new toy puppy during the first week in his new home. Exercise will be important. Make sure you are also having fun and building a bond of trust. Play games together. Puppies love to run after toys you toss and bring them back to you. The more your new toy puppy focuses on you, the easier it will be to train him later.

Have a collar and leash ready to put on your new toy puppy for times you take him out. Toy dogs can be accidentally injured or killed by children or adults who might drop them, or step on them. Provide adequate supervision for the toy puppy at all times.

Expose your toy puppy to all the normal day-to-day noises in your household such as television, radio, the telephone ringing. Introduce your toy puppy to the rest of canine household. You want your new toy puppy to be accepted as a new family member. Do not bring your toy puppy inside to invade your other dog’s turf until they have been properly introduced on neutral ground (belonging to neither of them at the moment). If you have more than one other canine to introduce to the new member, introduce them all one on one, to each of the others one at a time. Just as you would give lots of attention to your first-born when brining home a new baby, be sure to give lots of praise to your other dogs when in the presence of a new puppy. Pat the dog. Pat the puppy.

When the older dog or dogs show a caring, gentle reaction to the new toy puppy, praise them for their good behavior. Don’t let anyone feel left out at anytime. You want to create one big happy family. Let them spend time together in the beginning under your close supervision.

Depending on the season you bring your new toy puppy home, have on hand all his special clothes. For example, if it is spring or summer, have lightweight, cotton t shirts, shirts or dresses. If it is cold weather have coats hats, sweaters and fleece t shirts readily available for inside and outside. Dressing your toy puppy can help create a healthy bond between you and your new toy puppy. Consider having several stylish collars, leashes and accessories.

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