Your Horse Guide

Your Horse Guide

By Paul Hegarty

A horse needs care 365 days of the year come rain or shine. Any horse whether young or retired should be taken care of with respect. When you buy a horse consider who is going to take care of the horse. Are you going to be the one to go out in the rain or snow to feed him and make sure he has water? If the thought sends a chill through your bones, you may want to board your horse at a facility, so someone else has the responsibility to care for your horse.

A horse/pony needs approximately 2.5% of its body weight in food per day. Horse feed mainly consists of hay(grass) and hard feed. Your horse should be fed according to his workload. A horse that has free access to a field 24 hours a day and is seldom ridden can maintain his weight with a small amount of hard feed versus grass. Where as a horse which is stabled most of the day and ridden daily will require more hard feed.

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