Your hamster bites ? Here is advice from a Hamster-whisperer :)

How to instantly calm & handle your biting hamster . P.S. He has a wheel which was out of view for filming. He has a rolling ball to move around every day in the sitting room. He has a portable fence enclosing some blankets & toy buildings to roam free in a wide area, where he is allowed to seek out some previously hidden treats like ‘easter egg hunts’. He does not stay too much in this small ‘ house’.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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18 Responses

  1. Sunny Ma
    | Reply

    It did not work my hamster kept on running awake

  2. Vinnie
    | Reply

    Awe!!! That poor hamsters habitat!!!

  3. Connor Knight
    | Reply

    Nice cage 😂

  4. Ju O
    | Reply

    What if urs non stop bites because I brought it from someone who diddnt treat them right and it's impossible for them to not worry I won't hurt them

  5. genwat
    | Reply


  6. christian rhee G
    | Reply

    Can I use bond paper?

  7. Pudding Paws
    | Reply

    When i picked my poor little hamster up by its scruff it wriggled and then i had to put him back down into his cage..i dont think this worked for me but i know my hamster definatily didnt calm down….

  8. choochoochooseyou
    | Reply

    Omg, I'm so going to try this.

  9. Griselda Ladin
    | Reply

    i wrong me hamster keep on biteing me can you pura a aother one

  10. Diamond Girl Sam
    | Reply

    My hamster tried to eat the paper towel. Is this good or bad?

  11. AquariusChocolate X
    | Reply

    Will your hamster be annoyed if you try petting them everyday, but they're not used to it?

  12. Alice
    | Reply

    I must give this a try thanks for some wonderful advice.

  13. Kat dolphinwhat
    | Reply

    Or you can get some rats, cause y'know, they arent territorial like that… and they're intelligent.

  14. Roxana Rodriguez
    | Reply

    It is good my hamster stopped biting me

  15. TwirlgirlXJessica
    | Reply

    awww this is soo cute!

  16. Daisy
    | Reply

    My hamster licks my fingers and sometimes nibbles. She is Russian draft hamster and probably the best hamster out der. At first, she used to bite me & once I even had blood. But she got so tamed that she doesn't bite anymore 😀

  17. Sandi Tan
    | Reply

    It calmed down my hamster! ^^ and he fell asleep xD

  18. 01VanillaChocolate1
    | Reply

    Does this work on syrian hamsters?

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