Your Dog Enjoys Jumping Fences – How To Stop This Happening?

By Keith Burke

For some owners who live in a suburban area they find that they have a beautiful dog who likes to go wandering and they escape from the yard by jumping the fence. Unfortunately unless you are able to put up a very high fence or wall that they are unable to jump over then you may be stuck. However there is help at hand today in the form of dog jumping fences which are specifically designed to prevent your dog from getting out of the yard of your property. Below we are going to look at some of the fences that you may want to consider if you are having a problem with your dog jumping over the fence.

1. Hidden Dog Fence

This fence makes use of an electric system which co-ordinates between underground connection which is the transmitter and will then send a small weak radio field to the receiver which is attached to your dog’s collar. Once your dog decides to move within a certain distance of the perimeter of the hidden fence then the underground system sends an electrical shock to the receiver on the collar which should deter the dog from trying to actually jump over the fence and escape. The great thing about these kind of dog jumping fence is that they can easily be installed by the owner rather than having to pay someone to come in and do it for them.

2. Fence Height Extension

You will often find that some hardware stores stock a complete kit or the materials in order that you can increase the height of your fence. Or if you want you can ensure that your fence becomes jump proof by using welded wire leaners which are much more affordable and practical as well as effective solution to this type of problem and are not too difficult to construct. It is important that you use either welded wire or fabric fencing for the leaners as your dog jumping fence instead of barbed wire as this can cause injury to your pet.

Above we have provided you with two effective ways of getting a dog jumping fence which will stop your dog straying but will not harm them in any way.

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    ciao, ho acquistato la completare la crescita in altezza GROW PRO FLEX e una maggiore 3 cm in 4 mesi, รจ fantastico, funziona davvero.

  2. jumping stilt
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