Your Cat Goes Missing

Your Cat Goes Missing

By Kadence Buchanan

According to the most recent Synovate pet survey (Sept. 2005), conducted in nine markets across the globe, the UK and the US were shown to be the two absolute leaders in pet ownership. Specifically, three-quarters (75%) of the UK respondents were pet owners. Since cats are low maintenance, independent, and affectionate, they fit in well with urban working lifestyles and have become the favorite pet for million of pet-owners over the last 30 years. But although cat-owners are familiar with the sight of a cat wondering the city streets early in the morning and then returning to its owner’s residence to rest and eat, statistics reveal that cats are lost, stolen or abandoned and need owners who are caring and also willing to devote time to monitor their “free” lifestyles.

Thus, in order to minimize the chances of you ever having to file a missing cat report and to provide to all cat-lovers out there a short list of the things one should know and do before his or her independent companion decides to migrate and explore the unknown, we have collected the following tips you should carefully read, keeping in mind that you should not get discouraged or panic if your cat actually disappears. By following our advice and keeping yourself organized and prepared at all times, the chances are that you will be reunited with your lost friend again soon.

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