YOU HAD ME AT WOOF by Julie Klam (Part Two)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Author Julie Klam offers valuable dog training tips.

What do you think?

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8 Responses

  1. demetriuschester
    | Reply

    Kind of masterpiece 🙂

  2. somacasify
    | Reply

    Subtle. Nuanced. Delicate. Witty. Sheer genius! The book is even better than the video!!

  3. Xarpolis
    | Reply

    I would hope that the book is better than the video. The *CONSTANT* shaking of the camera bothered my eyes.

  4. rachelkillers
    | Reply

    Tim Hutton tweeted this

  5. somacasify
    | Reply

    The camera shaking only adds to the charm…

  6. deniselanier
    | Reply

    UberHilariousness. Just ordered the book!

  7. authorcare
    | Reply

    The title just reached out and grabbed me–funny! Okay, so there’s no Hollywood camera smoothing, but I like the hand-held video.

    I bought it for the title alone. Then I learned a thing or two. Our Scorpio Chow Chow was nearly untrainable, but he’s good at training us!

  8. ineaudi
    | Reply

    I loved the book. Of course, it’s probably because I have two Boston Terriers and can relate to Otto where he smells like Fritos. After reading it, I must say I’ve been giving my two more hugs and kisses – not that I didn’t give them enough already!

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