Yorkies: How to Teach Your Dog: Obedience Training Tips for Yorkshire Terriers : How to Train Your Yorkie to Lay Down With These Dog Obedience Tips for Yorkshire Terriers

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Learn how to teach your Yorkshire Terrier to lay down in this free online dog obedience training video for new pet owners.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Serraristudios
    | Reply

    the dog was before trained!!!

  2. teejaymk1
    | Reply

    Did you know that cheese is very dangerous for dogs if they eat it? Cheese and chocolate poison their systems. One day that Yorkie will lay down and won’t get back up! Poor thing!

  3. MissYOUsawANGELS
    | Reply

    you can give cheese…but not an everyday treat like this lady. I suggest using scrambled eggs (fully cooked to 160 degrees) to train.

  4. cromatical
    | Reply

    lol ohh maahnn… how the heck u gonna compare victoria stillwell with this random chick… thats like comparing oprah to jerry springer…

  5. xXOurworldXx
    | Reply

    i have a yorkie….she only knows how to sit U_U


  6. FavoriteYorkie
    | Reply

    xXOurworldXx, sitting behind here and do not enter comments. Go teach your York. As far as his age? Think lighter teams, when they learn, try to teach more difficult. Good luck.

  7. souljaaagiirl
    | Reply

    @cromatical – lol i get what you mean!
    i rep her (Victoria Stillwell) though, love her work!

  8. dooggyloover
    | Reply

    very well trained Yorky!! i tiught my Manchester terrier+Norfolk terrier both lots of tricks, such as: sit, lie down, beg, speak, play dead, and shake. some tricks that they know together are: beg, sit, and wait. i got some help from expert village actually. my Manchester is now 9 months+Norfolk is 11 months. i started training when my Manchester was 6 months+Norfolk was 7 months. they r now in Obedience trials!!!

  9. TheFunniProductions
    | Reply

    I also have a yorkie and she is 4 months old!! She is very difficult to train!!!

  10. wally457
    | Reply

    i have a yorkie but when i try he wont listen.

  11. oly355
    | Reply

    @wally457 these dogs are hard to train if you wait too long, because, like chihuahua, they have a problem with who is the owner. you have to make him/her understand when they are as young as possible that they are the ones WE own. there is no mean thing in what I said, because if you have skipped that part, they don’t listen to you, because they really think they are like humans. dogs must be dogs, and they must understand this. they must respect you, not fear you.

  12. andressatricolor
    | Reply

    Yorkies are brilliant!! they r really intelligent… and I think that these people thay say “they r dumb” have no idea of how to train or even understand the dog.. maybe they tried 5 times, and the dog didnt get it, and they gave up saying “my dog is stupid”..

  13. andressatricolor
    | Reply

    I have a 2 years and a half yorkie, and he is awesome!!!.. I trained him to do some things, and he recognizes lots of words,even a particular toy I want him to take..
    now I got a 2 months female yorkie,and I want to teach her too..
    thats how I got to know your videos..
    and I think they r great!!.. and that u do a good job!!.

  14. andressatricolor
    | Reply

    then keep trying…
    when u were born u knew how to walk??.. or u fell down and tried again, and again and over and over again??..
    its the same thing dude..
    he needs your help to understand what u want him to do!!..

  15. gusano992
    | Reply

    yea, teaching a dog to lie down when its already done it before… Why don’t people ever show us when they first try it with their dog?

  16. iReviewAppleApps
    | Reply

    @gusano992 i kno!!! dude its annoying!!!

  17. iReviewAppleApps
    | Reply

    are you using cheese sticks?

    | Reply

    i tought my boy yorkie(leonidas) how to do a whole lot of tricks on comand and it wasnt so hard but my girl yorkie refuses to learn. She went to this thing called school pups and still learned nothing all she does is chew things apart bite people and bark a lot.

  19. lukster1996
    | Reply


  20. castorzamfir
    | Reply

    you madam are a good exemple,my yorkie (fluffy) learns verry fast!


  21. misspinkbarbiexo
    | Reply

    this doesnt work, i have a yorkie and its 5months old. i tried this technique but he just stands up again lol

  22. ashley61805
    | Reply


  23. karollzinha
    | Reply


    My female Yorkie is the same way, we tell her to sit, up, roll over, and she does it, but she barks while she does it. lol It’s hard to train her. She chews apart ALL of her toys and eat the stuffing inside. =/

  24. ClupenguinFanclub
    | Reply

    Don’t know if this will work but if you keep a watchful eye, if you think your yorkie is about to lie down say lie down just before he does it. All I did was lure him into lie down by putting the treat near his nose and putting down under his nose and telling him to leave it and repeat this acouple of times but then extending the time.

  25. mswrong
    | Reply

    This technique worked really well with my pug.

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