Writing A Letter To The Editor Of Your Local Newspaper About Upcoming Pet Related Legislation In Your Area

If you’re worried about upcoming pet-related legislation in your area, like a breed ban or pet limit law, one great way to make your voice heard is to write a letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. However, in order to improve your chances of publication, a few simple guidelines should be followed. I’ll provide tips and a sample letter. My most recent two letters to the Editor of my hometown paper were published, one in the print edition and one online only.


  • Keep it short. The person reading your letter likely reads anywhere between dozens and hundreds of submissions each day. They’ll appreciate a succinct letter, as will the person laying out the editorial page.
  • Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The less work you make for the paper’s editors, the more likely your letter is to be published. If you know that you do not usually proofread your own writing carefully enough, ask a friend to take a look before you send the letter.
  • Make your most important point within three sentences. Your letter may be trimmed to fit the space available even if it’s published, so make sure your best arguments are clear, strong, and early in the letter.
  • Write often. Even if your first letter to the Editor isn’t published, if you frequently write clever, articulate, and concise letters, the people who review submissions for the editorial page will begin to recognize your name and likely will publish you more often.

Sample Letter

Dear Editor,

I was pleased to read your recent article, “Pit Bull Owners Describe Dogs as Friendly Family Companions,” by Staff Writer John Smith. The media often does these fine terriers a disservice by sensationalizing any report of a Pit Bull attacking a human. In reality, Cocker Spaniels and Golden Retrievers are both responsible for more bites yearly than Pit Bulls. It was refreshing to read Mr. Smith’s interviews with families who live happily and peacefully with well-trained, docile Pit Bull Terriers.

Readers who were as touched as I was by these stories of loving, kind, family dogs should immediately contact their City Council representatives. Breed bans allowing Animal Control and Police officers to seize and kill any dog suspected of being a Pit Bull are under consideration in several local cities and counties. Contact your Councilperson as quickly as possible, and voice your support for preservation of your right to choose which breed of dog to add to your family. Any breed can be an obedient, friendly pet with proper training, just as any breed can become a snarling terror if treated cruelly or irresponsibly.

Jane Doe
Cityville, State
(Contact information for the Editor to reach you goes here)

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