Winter Wear and Hair Care for your Dog

Winter Wear and Hair Care for your Dog

by Carol Koepping

The cooler seasons present some challenges for Pets and their owners. Consider this:

Coats, Boots and Sweaters are great items for short haired dogs, but what about the dogs that have more than a little yet not enough hair to keep warm?

BEWARE of the DOG! (Hair knots and matting that is.)

If you choose some sort of winter wear for your four legged friend, please note that there are a few cautions you need to heed. Wearing clothes will make a dogs hair mat, knot up, dry out the skin and can generate static electricity in the the hair (causing even more knotting and those nasty little static shocks).

Remove the clothing when you bring your dog indoors and brush or comb out immediately. It is helpful to use a hair moisturizing spray (Your pet supply store should carry an assortment of “leave in” conditioners or moisturizers) although plain water applied in a fine mist will be sufficient. Apply just enough to keep the static down as you brush or comb.

If your dog spends extended periods outside in his coat or sweater you may find hair matting has already formed. Should these mats be too difficult to work out gently your best course of action would be to have a groomer “spot shave” the problem area.


A preventive measure would be to have your dog groomer cut the body hair very short (not the legs, tail or rear and ears) including under the legs and get a few outfits for the dog. Enjoy the winter season in style! Your worries about matting and comfort will be eliminated! You will want to continue your normal hair care routine, but no more hassle of brushing your buddy before he mats. Not to worry about your dogs comfort indoors- if you keep your home warm enough for yourself it will be warm enough for your pet too!

If you have questions regarding your dogs winter coat care, please visit my website


About the Author

Carol is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer, certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc. A pet groomer since 1993, she attained National Certification in 2002. To visit her website, click Here you will find her selection of dog bows, dog collar charms and further articles on care for your pet.


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  1. Ed Penano
    | Reply

    Good advice! Clothes are a staple to my dogs everyday living! Without it, he would surely freeze in this below freezing temperature!

    Here he is in his winter garb!

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