Wiener Dog Song

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Original song that celebrates the enigmatic, beloved dachshund, featuring video footage and adorable photos of wiener dogs in various poses. Song written and performed by Yet Another String Band. If you want to sing along, here are the song’s lyrics: On the sixth day, God created man But earlier that morning, He had another plan He took some spare parts, some looked kinda weird And cooked them for awhile and a wiener dog appeared He had long floppy ears, sausage shaped and brown Stubby little legs and belly dragging on the ground A nose that’s made for smellin’, where rabbit might be dwellin’ But it won’t be there for long when a wiener dog’s around Some dogs are hairy, and other dogs are small but there’s only one dog shaped like a Hebrew National Kilbasic in form. At night they’ll keep you warm They’re nature’s perfect brat. Yes, the Wiener Dog is hot! Thin little tail, that’s in constant motion Big, brown eyes, that beg for your devotion Bark so loud it could disperse a riot crowd You best not make a sound When a wiener dog’s around Now a wiener dog’s a carnivore, which leaves us little doubt That you better watch your back when a wiener dog’s about They eat fish, pork and fowl and steaks when they can get ’em So be careful of your hand when you go to pet ’em Wiener dog, wiener dog Everyone loves a wiener dog To make a long story short and a short story long Everybody sing the wiener dog song Wiener dog, wiener dog Everybody loves a wiener dog To make a long story

What do you think?

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26 Responses

    | Reply

    @Corey10824 u gotta but em fresh

  2. MrCandycornprincess
    | Reply


  3. TheGravhund
    | Reply

    I loooove this song – we play it often, it’s so funny 😀 WIENERS RULE!!!

  4. zombiehunters258
    | Reply

    @Suskygirl my name is oscar

  5. usgirlswebshow
    | Reply

    Weiner dogs are hot hahaha

  6. spydanny1
    | Reply

    you should make this to a music like for we can download it

  7. ilovemydogs74
    | Reply

    I always sing “On the sixth day God created man but earlier that morning he had another plan he took some spare parts some looked kinda weird… He ccooked them for a while and a weiner dog appeared!” Then i show my dashund and my dad is like… Really? Lol 🙂 Im cool

  8. DerZimmy
    | Reply

    In the mid-90’s I didnt think anyone could surpass the brilliance of “Dixie the Tiny Dog” as the quintessential winerdog ballad, but you have managed to surpass it with “The Wienerdog Song”!! I’ve had dachshunds all my life and can’t express the joy this song has brought me, my husband, and our intrepid wienerdogs. I want you to know that I went to Itunes and bought because I’d like to support the wienerdog song genre as much as possible; too bad there’s not a Nobel Prize for Wienerdog Songs!!

  9. thebleedingjeans
    | Reply

    Future Funny Five for dementoids and dementites.

  10. WolfSongProduction
    | Reply


  11. Feewiz43
    | Reply

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! My weener dog kiwi would luv this!!!! : DDD

  12. gbogy70
    | Reply

    I had a wiener dog once. He was the greatest.

  13. lulubird2000
    | Reply

    Soooo cute!!!!!!!!

  14. bjacks91
    | Reply

    haha my roommate has a weiner dog…his name is weiner dog. i love him 🙂

  15. pikach55
    | Reply


  16. pikach55
    | Reply


  17. Yetanotherstringband
    | Reply

    @pikach55 Good morning! The Wiener Dog Song and all cuts from the CD We Are Yet Another String Band are currently available for download on iTunes, CD Baby and other sites. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It’s good to know Wiener Dog Nation is stronger than ever!
    Yet Another String Band

  18. SexiifiedGlitterChic
    | Reply

    I luv weiner dogs :)) i want 1 sooo bad.. oh and a pug 😀

  19. tcsilver
    | Reply

    to make a long story short and a short story love everybody sing the weiner dog song ;P

  20. TheFlyingTacoz
    | Reply

    i like wieners … i mean the dog …

  21. metaltyler1
    | Reply

    ths song makes me think of my weiner dog pickle

  22. Reliinqish
    | Reply

    @SexiifiedGlitterChic – I had a fat pug and he died like 2 years ago 🙁 But i got a weiner dog and shes the coolest dog ever 😛

  23. sugarwebkinz
    | Reply

    Awwww this song makes me feel awful for leaving my dachshund (Rex aka: Rexy, Rookie, pweasious, sweetie, sweethart Tweetie baby….) ooo ya back to the point =P leaving him at my aunts house during vacation for 1 week 2 days =C

  24. releasethehounds01
    | Reply

    9 people must be vegetarians…

  25. MickHurray
    | Reply

    So touching, I’ve gotta tweet this weiner to my Congresswoman!

  26. Venetta Rhyne
    | Reply


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