Why The World Needs Pets

Why The World Needs Pets

By Bill Clanton

They won’t hold a grudge. They won’t leave you for someone else. They know how to show their affection. They even know your feelings better than you do. Who are “they”? Well “they” go by many names, but most of the world just calls them “Pets”. Pets are wondrous creatures whose powers go beyond that of spiritual or magical. Perhaps that power is what the world needs more of.

Recently while being interviewed by a local newspaper reporter I was asked the question, “Why do you think that pets have become so popular in recent years?” I thought for a moment and then answered. “We are a nation at war, a nation still recovering from the after effects of September 11th, a nation rebuilding in the wake of a devastating hurricane in the South, all while living in a media spoon fed world with terror attacks in every news break.” I then went on to explain the key thing that separates us from our pets. If I were to go to a human friend for emotional support, I could only expect so much. You see, they could be affected by the same negative worldly stress that depresses me. However, my pet remains unaffected. This newspaper reporter agreed with my statement and we spent several minutes talking about the idea of “unconditional love”.

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