Why & How to Train Your Horse for a Mounting Block

There’s more benefit than just making it easier to get on – find out from Craig why you should train every horse for a mounting block.

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6 Responses

  1. Rachel Zuidland
    | Reply

    I love using a mounting block for that exact reason – forget about lunging in endless circles do ground work for a purpose. Is my horse cued in to me or is he still thinking about that hay he just left? I don’t tie my horse to saddle I just lay the lead across my arm and he needs to be paying attention but I make sure I stay consistent. Same with the mounting block I say ‘alright buddy come get me’ walk straight up onto that block put all my focus there and then he’ll slide right into position 😎 we have done it that way for about 200 odd times but I tell you it gets you noticed at shows! No one likes to be pulling on their horses back and it certainly showcases your horsemanship if you just walk up onto an object and your horse comes in and picks you up like ‘what we doing today boss?’ Hoping to come ride with you and learn more soon – really enjoying the videos! 😊

  2. FocusMedia
    | Reply

    Really need this lesson and work on this!! to short for most horses I ride and getting old w/ arthritis in the knees, ha! but I really want to keep riding!

  3. Dennis Reynolds
    | Reply

    We started using a mounting block because we are getting old.My wife has trouble with her hips so she needs it more that me.But it is a heck of a lot easier to get on one with then. After awhile you will find logs. fences and even standing on your trailer fender.We also use the tail gate of our small truck.What ever it takes to keep on riding and just like you said it's good for the horse too.

  4. Sami Moline
    | Reply

    When I get on the fence my horse knows I'll use my feet to scrub his butt n back.. so we make a trade 😄

  5. AndersonCattleCo.
    | Reply

    I will try the fence trick, I have a bad back from being in wrecks so I train every colt to stand by a 5gal pail and then when they are coming good they get to learn to stand while I struggle to get on.   When I go to brandings I always get on with out anything so I don't have the under 40 cowboys tease me.

  6. angela bryant
    | Reply


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