Why Cesar Millan is Yesterday’s Dog Trainer

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

www.facebook.com The BEST DOG TRAINING PAGE on FACEBOOK Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com My main channel: www.youtube.com My second (video blog) channel: www.youtube.com My secret channel: ??? follow me on twitter or “like” me on facebook to find that one:) This video contains copyrighted material in which the owners of the material have not been notified of its use. Since this video is intended to offer educational value and criticism, it is clearly protected under the fair use doctrine: section 107 of the US Copyright Law

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. mightymitedoggear
    | Reply

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love your message and I love what you are doing!

  2. beastiedarling
    | Reply

    you need to let them know when they are doing the RIGHT Thing! AMEN Zak and hallelujah…preaching to the choir here man!

  3. mightymitedoggear
    | Reply

    @DukeofFoxboro human therapists do not beat up on their patients. He isn’t rehabilitating – he’s torturing.

  4. SimpleDogSteps
    | Reply

    *Real* dog rehabilitators (read behaviorists/ethologists) think Cesar’s methods are mostly hogwash too. His poor ‘understanding of natural canine behavior’ is based on misconceptions about dog and wolf behaviour which have long since been revised by the people who first studied them (David Mech et al). Cesar Milan is an entertainer, living in the past.

  5. zakgeorge21
    | Reply

    @SimpleDogSteps Yup. This basically sums it up. Well put. To be clear, I am in no way making this personal. Anyone who puts themselves in front of the general public (myself included), is fair game for evaluation. However, Cesar’s philosophy is fundamentally flawed, deeply contradictory, and overall not healthy for the public as a whole.

    Zak George

  6. mim46
    | Reply

    I just don’t think that you get ahead by putting down other people!

  7. HarroOscar
    | Reply

    @TimZarraonandia This.

  8. pbpatbb
    | Reply

    Dude, the dogs that you teach tricks to is the smartest dog on the planet.
    His brain is hardwired to learn from the shepherd.

    Try teaching an aggressive dog to play with other dogs without trying to kill them.
    Show us that you can do this, then we’ll begin to give you some credibility; but until this, you cannot claim to run faster than a Olympic runner unless you show the world that you can. Just like you cannot claim your methods are better than Ceasar unless you can show similar results.

  9. MoneyTalksMusicRocks
    | Reply

    While I do think that it is unfair of Zak to call out on Caesar like this, I agree with Zak 100% on what he is saying. THANK you for bringing up the fact that we need to shift from a negative-thinking bias to a positive-thinking bias. I will post a video response later about this since this stuff is very interesting to me.

  10. zakgeorge21
    | Reply

    @MoneyTalksMusicRocks If he didn’t shock a dog into submission, regularly use choke chains and prong collars, I wouldn’t have said a word. Not sure what’s “unfair” about calling anyone out who uses this kind of force. As I said in the video, when I feel ANYONE is out of bounds in interacting with our dogs, I have an obligation as a professional to bring attention to that and state that it is not ok to use shock collars. I am glad that you agree with me though:) Thanks.

    Zak George

  11. HeartdogGSD
    | Reply

    @LaLady29 I read this in so many comments. Just because the show and Cesar labels what he does as “rehabilitation”, it IS still dog training! He’s just teaching the dogs what NOT to do through punishers. It’s still the use of consequences to influence behavior= dog training. What is he teaching the owners? How to bully a dog like he does? Who can replicate that all that well? I don’t see it when I come across Cesarites. They’re ‘tsst’ing oblivious dogs with no relationship with them. Sad.

  12. meesterridge
    | Reply

    Thank`s we need some one like you!!!!!

  13. HeartdogGSD
    | Reply

    I just wanted to point out this claim: “A spoiled dog who has´╗┐ never known discipline often knows how to elicit sympathy so he can continue to act badly and get what he wants.” How ironic the ‘trainers’ who say this don’t seem to give dogs credit for their brains in other areas and put down humanizing them. Yet CM says this a lot while dogs are showing distress. I’ve watched in horror while trainers cause screaming and cowering and claim this! “They just want you to feel bad for them”. BS!!

  14. mizznickjandtomk
    | Reply

    Wow.Not sure how to respond to this. I don’t think you have any right to talk down about Cesar & his methods. You are in two different proffesions. You teach dogs how to do cool tricks as oppose to Cesar who saves dogs from death row. Of course you have to be all positive while training dogs to sit pretty or play fetch but when you’re trying to stop 2 pitbulls from killing eachother you clearly have to use other methods & Cesar’s methods obviously work seeing as how he has saved countless lives.

  15. MissMeGlamorous
    | Reply

    I agree.

  16. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @mizznickjandtomk What’s amazing is how CM’s marketing techniques work well on so many people !!

  17. thatoneguy2
    | Reply

    Cesar agrees that tools such as prong collars and “shock” collars can have a negative effect if used incorrectly. He often suggests alternate ways such as the use of energy and body language to communicate with dogs. He’s also not naive to the fact that dog owners use these tools. If these tools were used, it was done so to educate that owner how to correctly use the tool they were already using. Cesar’s aim is to build human confidence and communication so that they don’t rely on these tools.

  18. thatoneguy2
    | Reply

    Cesar also believes that its not the tool that will change your dogs behavior, its the humans own energy that dogs respond to.

  19. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @SimpleDogSteps Exactly, CM is a TV showman !
    The entire “domination” theory is false !
    It is time for a change of paradigm !

  20. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @mim46 This is NOT about putting someone ahead or putting someone down.
    This is about changing our entire philosophy concerning the domestic dog, because the dominance theory was based on errors in observations done 50 years ago.
    Time to wake up and stop acting like cavemen !!

  21. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @kateastrophic23 Yes and I can’t understand why so many people don’t even notice the kicking…they must be infatuated by CM…!

  22. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    The “dominance theory” in domestic dogs has been proven WRONG, based on errors in observation of an artifical wolf pack.
    Check out people like Susan Garrett, Emily Larlham, Ian Dunbar, Sophia Yin, Patricia McDonnell, Emma Parsons, Jean Donaldson etc…etc…etc…
    Some people don’t understand that “positive” is not “permissive”.

  23. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    Zak you are right, you are so right !

  24. HeartdogGSD
    | Reply

    @mizznickjandtomk Where’s the documentation on these countless lives? Every single dog he has had on the show was going to be killed?? I’ve seen all the episodes, and I remember oh, maybe 2 out of all of them that some trainers suggested they be put down. Not that they were going to. You don’t stop violence with violence. You don’t change a dog’s association with other dogs, or whatever is causing aggression by being aggressive. It supresses it. You change the dog’s association to the trigger.

  25. Bergen1119
    | Reply

    Okay, so MOST dogs aren’t aggressive- but what about the ones who are? What about those of us who have dogs with real behavioral issues? Have you ever personally rehabilitated an aggressive dog? Do you seriously believe you can do it with your, “communication” methods. Please show us how you deal with a snarling, snapping dog using your method so we can all shut up about this…

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