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This post was submitted as part of the Pet ‘Net Adoption Event 2008 to heighten awareness about animal shelter adoption.Please visit your local shelter, or Human Society location and ADOPT A PET if you can. Your continued support is essential to enhancing the quality of life for all animals and there are several ways you can help, besides adoption, which includes donations, fostering, volunteering, etc. Here’s HOW YOU CAN HELP support my local Winnipeg Humane Society. Thank-You. // HART

* Reprinted from The WHS Newsletter – Spring 2007

By Alix Sobler

Each year The WHS rescues thousands of animals from a life of homelessness, abuse and neglect. Many of these animals turn out to be healthy, well-adjusted pets right from the start, and it isn’t long before they are adopted into loving homes. Sometimes, however, animals who have great potential to be a family pet are not ready to go into Adoptions immediately. That is where The WHS foster program comes in and saves the day. Supervised by Connie Sinclair and Trinda Frovich-McGee, The WHS foster program has been placing animals in foster care to give them a second chance at life since the 1980s.

“We are so grateful to all of our dedicated foster moms and dads,” says Connie, who has fostered upwards of 30 cats over the past 12 years that she has worked at The WHS. “Countless lives have been saved.” Animals that are on certain medications, are recovering from surgery, are exhibiting deep fear and anxiety, have emotional and behaviour issues or are too young or underweight are all considered for fostering. Unfortunately, the reality is there are often more animals than there are homes. “We have many wonderful fosters, but we almost never have enough,” says Connie. “It is especially tough during the summer months. That is when we receive so many strays and litters of cats and dogs. People tend to be away and our foster numbers dwindle when we need them the most.”

Can you help by fostering an animal?

Becoming a foster parent is easy. All you need is a spare room. The WHS will provide all the necessary supplies and medical care. We just request that you have transportation back and forth from the shelter for check-ups and that any animals already in your house are fixed and have all their up to-date shots. Aside from that, most of the animals just need a quiet place to recover and a little love and attention. “It’s a great feeling to save a life,” Connie says. “And it can be a lot of fun too.”

If you are interested in fostering call Connie or Trinda at 204.982-2049.

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