When Cats Attack

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the garden. Thanks for all the comments and helping this video reach over eight million views.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. AstarsVison
    | Reply


  2. Purpledragon1766
    | Reply

    Cat: “I’mma gonna come up there and..and….MEEW! :3

  3. ponylover328
    | Reply

    wat a cute cat <3!!

  4. TenouHaruka0
    | Reply

    i melted

  5. JambalayaCreole
    | Reply

    Omg I loled so hard rite now

  6. ThePowerOfMeh
    | Reply

    :3 Squee!

  7. rdan721
    | Reply

    My cat does that cuz she knows I’m onto her evil tricks.

  8. MrEeqqee
    | Reply

    lmao so cute xDD

  9. treeckolf
    | Reply

    36,711 peaple are girls that think any thing is qute!

  10. treeckolf
    | Reply

    this vid sucked!

  11. treeckolf
    | Reply

    give me back the 40 fucking seconds of my life you wasted by me watching this

  12. OreoOfDeath527
    | Reply

    You don’t understand the meaning of this video!!
    Have a nice day ^^

  13. ElOtakuMasPoderoso
    | Reply


  14. Orenda7
    | Reply


  15. wytemike29
    | Reply

    Lmao gets me every time!

  16. TechSmack
    | Reply

    press 9!!

  17. Death3yDope
    | Reply

    We the cat people find this Video…. Adorable!

  18. Lolieash
    | Reply

    😀 just amazing !

  19. DeadlyLady120235
    | Reply


  20. BeckyBecky706
    | Reply

    awww that was so sweet!!!! pretty kitty with a pretty meow

  21. Achilles122100
    | Reply

    this vid make me go awwwwwwwww out loud lol

  22. TashesxD
    | Reply

    This makes me miss my cat so much. 🙁

  23. nicole567ify
    | Reply


  24. Esterrr1991
    | Reply

    Ahhhwwwww!!!!!!!! :’D
    That’s sooooo cute!

  25. Countrygirl4923
    | Reply

    ROTFLOL!! I thought he was gonna pounce, or something!! So cute!! =P

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