When Building a Horse Fence

By Ken Wilssens

If you decide to keep horses on your property then you have to provide security so that you will have good management and control. This will allow you to have greater enjoyment and learning experiences, but it also requires some effort in providing a safe environment for them to stay. There are many things that you will have to provide in order to give them good shelter protection and this is where a horse fence is really necessary.

When building a fence for horses you need to consider many factors before installing the best possible one. Horses graze and they like to roam about in the open but you have to protect them from getting out. Therefore your fence must be sturdy and the exit gates must be secured and locked. You will also need to consider whether or not they need to be separated from other animals. Then there is a consideration of what kind of fence you will need as you can get one that will be just as pleasing to the eye as it is practical.

If you live on a working farm you already know the necessity of good fencing. This certainly applies to horse fencing where you have to be sure where that is not only secure work. It can also accommodate the chores that will be involved such as easy access through gates to accommodate the rider as well as the horses. Another consideration to what type of fence you will need to do has to do with the lay of the land – whether it is that every flat prairie or rolling pasture land. You also have to take in consideration the weather as whether or not the area receives a lot of precipitation. If you have a wooden fence, this could be a problem due to rotting.

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