Whatever Happened to PetLvr's Free Greeting E-Cards You Say?

Did you ever try the free PetLvr Greeting E-Cards from the top menu?

I used to have some old pet related animal pictures and a few musical songs and a cheap PHP script and voila~ .. free E-Cards. I had been using them and personally found them great. Based on the stats, there were about 2000 or so E-Cards sent and received since July 2005 when I implemented this.

Well .. last January 2007, I was in the middle of renovating the entire script by adding new pictures, new .Mp3’s, etc etc and I also required to make a major upgrade to the script. Well, I happened to do it during a sunny cold day here in Winnipeg (it was about -36c that night) and right in the middle of upgrade – the power in my house went off. When I tried to reinstall the script, I found out that the MySQL data was destroyed and unuseable, so I thought I would try and just recreate it from scratch, without anybody knowing.

Well – 2 months later I’ve done .. it’s time to look at my progress ..

To date .. I’ve done: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Soooo … I’ve signed up to NiceCards.com as an alternate source in the meantime, while I find a new and improved script with both pictures and music! (Anybody know of one? Please let me know!)

Disclaimer: I’m not sure, but it’s possible I might make 1/2 cent USD$ for everytime you send an Ecard .. (Woohoo! I could be rich! .. j/k) but it’s a totally free service for everybody! I guess they want you to see their own advertisements or links to other affiliated sites in the ‘heads up’ email notice or something …

The Link is now active in the top Menu

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