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Welcome back to Bird Tameness, the #1 Bird Training community, where all birds are tamed, trained and kept on a mental & physical balance. At least 50 bird lovers asked us this question this week: “What should i do when i first get my bird.” We recognized that a very few videos on Youtube cover this topic in detail and so we decided to ask Parrot Whisperer to cover this topic in detail. Parrot Whisperer, has dealt with over 13 distinct bird species and over 100 birds. From 5 years of first hand experience, he has learned what works and what doesn’t; what are the best methods to tame & train a bird & the top secrets to success in bird training. Furthermore, PW has transformed the relationships of over 350 bird owners via Skype Bird Training sessions, over 200 bird owners via BT’s Secret Bird Training system & has impacted over 11,000,000 bird lovers. Please do your research before getting a bird and know the responsibility you are getting yourself into!

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20 Responses

  1. Parrot Whisperer
    | Reply

    Hello bird owners !
    I really hope this video helped clarify the answer to all the recent questions I have been getting with regards to What To Do on Your Bird's First Day Home !

    Comment ⤵️ your questions below and I'll answer them !

    Like 👍🏼 this video to help support our mission.
    Share 🔃 it to help alert struggling Bird Owners of our channel with over 260 Free Bird Training videos.
    👇🏻 Read the description for social media links, Skype Bird Training Sessions and BT's Online Pet Supplies Shop that ships free worldwide.

    With Love for the Animal Kingdom 🌎🐶🐣🐰🐹🐦❤️🐭🐒🐧🦅~ PW

  2. scared zombie
    | Reply

    what does impose mean

  3. Anu Madhusidhu
    | Reply

    Hello parrot whisperer I have seen all your training videos and they are very informative I trained 2 cockatiels to completely trust me by your guidance.Also now they are my best companions,we eat ,play,read together.

  4. Armaan Younis
    | Reply

    Recently got a couple of cockatiels and your videos have helped me a lot in training them. Thanks a lot. #ParrotWhisperer

  5. The Gamer King
    | Reply

    What kind of bird it that

  6. Priyabrata Mishra
    | Reply

    When we first bring the bird… On the first day…. Should we keep open the cage door on the first day itself?… If it Comws out then how to get it inside the cage at the end of the day.?

  7. sara lexus
    | Reply

    Thanks for help

  8. Charlie Sonnemann
    | Reply

    Haha the massage this is gunna help when I get a conure

  9. Ser Derp-A-Lot
    | Reply

    So i got a 8-10 week cockatiel yesterday that's from a breeder and was hand fed. Of course the first night he hardly moved. Today he was active for the most part, even eating and play with his toys. He's by me and i talk to him while paying games 'my on man LP watcher pretty much lol' so he gets use to me and my voice. I tried to offer treats but he just hisses and steps away. I watch from your older videos to try "step up" training, which I know he knows how to do that because the breeder showed me when she gave me the interview about him. My question is: should i try "step up" even when hissing? I see in the videos you press on even when they bite but what about hissing and fleeing?

  10. kidsmuaythai mma
    | Reply

    My bird is really scratching himself and started biting us what should i do plzz help

  11. Easton Halleman
    | Reply

    This channel helped me tame my budgies #parrotwhisperer

  12. Easton Halleman
    | Reply

    This channel helped me tame my budgies #parrotwhisperer

  13. Easton Halleman
    | Reply

    This channel helped me tame my budgies #parrotwhisperer

  14. Easton Halleman
    | Reply

    This channel helped me tame my budgies #parrotwhisperer

  15. Easton Halleman
    | Reply

    This channel helped me tame my budgies #parrotwhisperer

  16. Easton Halleman
    | Reply

    This channel helped me tame my budgies #parrotwhisperer

  17. Blk Rose
    | Reply

    Good advice

  18. Charlie Sonnemann
    | Reply

    Wow because of you I'm now getting a bird you sexy beast #parrotwhisperer

  19. Rose Tanner
    | Reply

    I love how you do live streams to help us bird lovers #ParrotWhisperer

  20. Travis Tessier
    | Reply

    This channel has really helped me understand birds #ParrotWhisperer

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