“What kind of treats should I feed my ferret?”

Unhealthy and healthy ferret treats are discussed. Also, advice on how to get a picky ferret to try new treats.

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10 Responses

  1. Isis Carty
    | Reply

    I am trying to feed my ferret raw chicken and bandit treats but she only likes the ferretvite and suggestions on how to get her to eat raw meat and treats?

  2. What the Fish?
    | Reply

    I use pre cooked chicken from a can

  3. KewlKat505
    | Reply

    what about kibble

  4. Elara Hatten
    | Reply

    My ferret ate sugar and became paralized

  5. Lisa Feutz
    | Reply

    can they eat chicken bones

  6. Miranda Pewitt
    | Reply

    Is it okay to give my ferrets dubia roaches?

  7. Caio Correa
    | Reply

    Ferret doesn't digest taurine !!! IT'S TOXIC!!!!

  8. charlieb83 animal jam
    | Reply

    I'm getting a ferret for my birthday, you have taught me so many things to teach it, thank you!

  9. charlieb83 animal jam
    | Reply

    I saw on a page boiled chicken!

  10. Olivia Allen
    | Reply

    She talks about the financial problems. What about the actual ferret and how much pain him/her would be in, or how they can die.

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