What is Your Puppy's Name?

I was out walking my dogs out back near the creek the other day, letting my dogs walk with me offleash, when they spotted another dog about their size in the horizon. Maxxie immediately started to head towards this ‘new dog’ to greet him to the neighborhood, which was nice .. and Sophie started barking.

I cross my legs when I'm contented Well .. the next thing you know, this other dog is just as much as a barkie dog as Sophie is, also offleash .. and then the next thing you know – me and the other owner and chasing our dogs, shouting their names, telling them to be quiet, and we were getting closer to each other as our dogs approached each other. Now, I didn’t have my camera, but if I were to pull a picture out of my archives .. the other dog would look similar to the image on the right. He was a small poodle, but looked like he was also half monkey!

The funny thing that was – his owner called him .. TURTLE. I laughed and started some small talk mentioning that “TURTLE” was quite an odd name (while our dogs were sniffing each other’s behinds) because – well, he’s a dog! He replied back “exactly!” Then, we moved on with our daily lives and went our merrily ways in different directions with our pets!

Today – In my statistics I saw about 24 hits from people looking at old Puppy Name posts in our archives, like Puppy Names – Finding Cute, Unique And Cool Names For Your Puppy. This really got me thinking about this “TURTLE” dog we met the other day. The article really gives sound advice to help readers who are looking to come up with a puppy name, so I thought I would just like to recap some of its suggestions for you .. in point form:

Basic Rules of Puppy Naming

* Stay away from potentially embarrassing names
>> I heard one neighbor call her dog “stuffy boots” — *gag*

* Dogs named after humans should be people you know or like
>> Our papillon names are Maxxie and Sophie. Although, we don’t really know any Max or Sophie dogs .. it’s better than one of my parent’s friend’s daughter who named her chihuahua “Albert Einstein” because he was sooooooo smart — *gag*

* If possible, keep the name to one or two syllables
>> All my dogs throughout my life have been two syllables. It really does help with their training, although I myself, tend to stretch our 2-syllable dog names into 3-4 syllables at times, when I’m playing. E.G. “Max” when we’re stern and discipline, “Maxxie-Waxxie” or “Maxxie-Dog” when I’m playing, and “Maxxie” all the other times.

Thinking Outside The Box

* Unique Dog Names can be fun!
>> How about after something you eat or drink? You can have candy pet names like “Skittles”, or “Snickers” or other foods like “Taco” or even after drinks like “Tequila” or “Cola”

* You don’t normally hear the Cool Dog Names – that’s why they are cool!
>> Well, I don’t know if “Yahoo” or “Google” or other online sites might be good puppy names .. “Here Reddit! C’mere Reddit!”, but can be memorable like “Sahara” etc. You can also try to name your puppy close to what your puppy will grow into .. “Widget” for small dogs, “Hummer” for big dogs, etc etc.

* Opposites Can Be Fun and Good Names too!
>> without embarrassing yourself or your puppy, “Moose” for small dogs or “Chocolate” for white haired dogs, and something opposite of what your dog looks like can also be memorable and not too annoying 🙂

Sites Around The ‘Net To Help You Decide

There are many sites out there to give you many good ideas, all you have to do is a ‘net search and you can come up with many sites .. like:


* 2.000 Dog Names
* Baby Dog Names
* Dog Names
* Dog Names And More
* Male and Female Puppy Names
* Pet Names
* Pet Names World
* Puppy Names
* Terrific Dog Names


* 2,000 Cat Names
* Cat & Dog Names
* Cat Names
* Great Cat Names
* Kitty Names
* Thousands of Names For Your Dog Cat Horse And Other Pets

I’m sure there are more sites out there, but remember – it’s your pet. If you treat your pet right, train him/her properly and love your pet and are truly a “PetLvr” .. I personally don’t think it matters what I (or other people) think about your pet’s name and I don’t think you should either.

Yet, friends and acquaintances are always asking me for pet advice and pet naming advice, just because I have a pet related blog. I usually say to them:

“Yes – I have a blog but that does not make me a pet naming expert .. If you are looking for a good name for your pet … why don’t you just randomly call out names at your pet – and see which one he or she comes running to? Or, search our archives!”

Do You Have An Unusual Pet Name For Your Animal?

Let us know in the comment section below! Also, feel free to add any other unique suggestions that you might want to pass along 😀

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