What Is That? It's A Ferret

What Is That? It’s A Ferret

By Jim Worthington

Ferrets can be extremely lovable pets. They just have that adorable face that makes you smile. Ferrets are so lovable, people of the world have been making them their pets going as far back as the ancient Greeks. Perhaps Socrates even had one. Even better, ferrets make great gifts to love ones; Queen Elizabeth I of England thought so. The first things I think of when I imagine a new pet are chores and added responsibility, but ferrets are actually very easily manageable.

But let’s get back to the real reason anybody is ever interested in a ferret. They’re just really cool looking. I think of a ferret as an exotic pet, even though millions of people have them. A ferret is just something you don’t see everyday. Dogs and cats are everywhere, hell it even rains cats and dogs at times. Ferrets are just cool, there is no doubt about it. When you’re friends come over and see this animal their going to have one of maybe two responses. First, “What is that?” or Second, “Is that a ferret?” These questions will be quickly followed by adjectives describing the ferret, such as Cool, Awesome, Crazy, How Cute!

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