What is clicker training?- dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

What is clicker training? Clicker training is a way of training animals in which desirable behavior is marked with a sound maker and then reinforced, making the behavior more likely to happen in the future. Who can use clicker training? People of all ages! What animals can be clicker trained? All animals, young or old. All species and breeds, small or large. Clicker training creates strong reliable behaviors, and is a great way of modifying behavior- solving shyness, reactivity and aggression. It is also a ethical way to bond with your companion animal as you train the animal to want to do what you want them to do, rather than physically or psychologically intimidating the animal to do what you want. Here are the youtube users channels in order of appearance: newbear95 hechiasia pamelamarxsen rogersmmr VTECsqznN2O plumwoodposse animalloverlizzy zsianz1 nanabordercollie 2Gr8Tervs fukutowataru alomaro Also appearing: Julia Faci Chula and Nena Rodney the pittie mix Therapy dogs: Libby and Fiona And my own wonderful dogs! ☺

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. PetTrainingProgram
    | Reply

    What is your opinion on all breeds as far as tricks and behaviors, etc;?

  2. happyvishi
    | Reply

    i just bring a Labrador in my home, 2 month old , how to train it…………. what the basics

  3. PriincessHiibaa
    | Reply

    hahahaha your dog is cleaning your table…sweet 🙂

  4. missythebordercollie
    | Reply

    i think the clicker is the best way to train your dog my huskie after i click and treat over and over now everytime u click it he looks right up at u and he also know hand singels but he also in training

  5. thistlemiss
    | Reply

    @cybertourniquet In Europe especially, many Schutzhund, search and rescue and top obedience dogs are being trained with the clicker– including Malinois. Good clicker trainers get extremely reliable behaviors. Guide dogs for the Blind are also beginning to make the switch to Clicker training. Type in “Clicker training high drive dogs” in youtube for lots of examples.

  6. TheGermanShepfan
    | Reply

    Clicker training is the best, I only use this method for my cavachon and my german shepherd. It’s so amazing that my gsd could learn at 8 weeks old!

  7. OnwanashiboNarfall
    | Reply

    Nice work

  8. OriginalFireMonkey
    | Reply

    I love your videos and is just getting my first own dog. I have lived with dogs before and done some training with them but now its time for my own; I wonder if you could please give some tips on how to get your dog to love hanging out and being relaxed if for example at a park or picnic lots of distractions around as this have been very hard in the past. Thank you so much for all the extremely valuable tips and great teaching!!

  9. StonedNinja27
    | Reply

    Hello, i am wondering since you give the dogs that you train so much treats wont they eventually become overweight?

  10. Pwincess50
    | Reply

    Hi! When you click do you say the name of the command? Example : *Click* Sit *Give Treat*

    Or do you just click then give them the treat? Thanks so much, you make really helpful videos that have helped me so much, Your amazing 🙂

  11. TheCatsandBunny
    | Reply

    cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!! 🙂

  12. D0dderz
    | Reply

    My GSD is not particularly driven by food, but just loves chasing balls & toys. Is it possible to associate these with clicks as rewards? My worry is that the process will take so long, with each throw/fetch/click sequence, rather than the instant reward that comes with a food treat.

  13. jacobthegsd
    | Reply

    @cybertourniquet LATE REPLY you know….. CURIOSITY KILLS THE CYBERTOURNIQUET,Your Stubborn Dogs are Smart The reason why dogs are lazy/bad because they are just COPYING the owner so its not the dogs fault to be stubborn its yours…

  14. cybertourniquet
    | Reply

    @jacobthegsd I would like to see some of your works. Show me!

  15. jacobthegsd
    | Reply

    @cybertourniquet sure, I have a German Shepherd… she knows tricks i can’t teach her often cause i have been busy… and we’re on training with her daughter Betty, and my chihuahua Cookie know to sit and laydown and take a bow…. and he can also walk w/o leash he come’s when called…. when im not busy ill make a video and send it to you.. Thanks to Kikopup for the training videos she make :)..

  16. cybertourniquet
    | Reply

    @jacobthegsd Facepalm… not a working dog… btw, have you ever work your dog under heavy distraction, duration, and distance?

  17. cybertourniquet
    | Reply

    @jacobthegsd Facepalm… not a working dog… btw, have you ever work your dog under heavy distraction, duration, and distance? If your dog still begging for the reward(s), your training is not finished yet.

  18. TheWildPaw
    | Reply

    Excellent video. I think it would be well worth placing a video of clicker working as rehab (without correction) rather than tricks on the first part?
    @Dudderz You can associate a click with anything rewarding. I have a dog that isn’t really into food nor toys. But she loves her back to be scratched.
    @StonedNinja27 No the dogs don’t become overweight. Measure out the food first and use a portion a day so as not to overfeed. You use tiny pieces of strong scented food.

  19. jacobthegsd
    | Reply

    @cybertourniquet well DUH im just starting thats why im NOT finished YET! will be working with DISTANCE and DISTRACTIONS WITH MY CAT EDWARD (she really hates him) even her daughters hate my cat cause he annoys… ANYWAYS don’t wanna be Spamming on Kikopup’s comment section thanks kikopup!.

  20. gwhizkids
    | Reply

    Can anybody tell me what to do if your dog stops accepting the treats? I think that means the treat isn’t sufficient enough (I’m using dog kibble) but I’m not sure.

  21. Wolfmaedchen
    | Reply

    What a great video! Thank you so much, it helped me a lot!
    But i have a question: If you use Clicker to train behavior, for example train a horse to stand still, is it necessary to click&give a treat every time the horse does it? Will it be disappointed if its not rewarded after it learned the “trick” and successfully performs it?

  22. LEORR007
    | Reply

    wow the poodle became a border collie LOL

  23. jktcz
    | Reply

    Lol vizsla dusting the table! Super

  24. chibnibles
    | Reply

    Geez that is a beautiful dog(the first one)! but the others are cool to

  25. kbroomall
    | Reply


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