What do Nine Banded Armadillos Eat?

What do Nine Banded Armadillos Eat?

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Armadillos are insectivores and eat…you guessed it.. Insects! Armadillos have the ability to clone the oocyte and have quadruplet pups which causes them to have the same sex and genotype. Armadillos can delay implantation of the oocyte for over 6 months! Armadillos are related to Anteaters and sloths and are apart of Xenarthra Superorder. Support exotic animal health and research. I do not recommend armadillos as pets. Research zoonotic diseases. Exotic animals are to be fed a veterinary recommended diet from a zoo feed company and supplimented with vitamins and minerals acording to their bloodwork, environment and health. Follow local, state and federal laws.

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