Weighing Your HAMSTER

This video will show you how to weigh your hamster accurately. 🙂 It is good to weigh them every week or two to monitor their overall health. Feel free to as…

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46 Responses

  1. HoppingHammy
    | Reply

    This video will show you how to weigh your hamster accurately. 🙂 It is
    good to weigh them every week or two to monitor their overall health. Feel
    free to ask questions if you need clarification. Thanks for watching!

  2. ChocolateColors26
    | Reply

    Very nice hehe 

  3. FuzzyPolkaDot
    | Reply

    Ooh, new video! 😀 Wait.. you never had a scale? :O I figured you did… I
    must not be the only one? Aww, tiny little Gingersnap bum! :3 Aww, Sumatra
    sounds like Muffin, jumpy. 😛 Hehe, tired Sumatra face! <3 That's the
    cutest! 🙂 Great video Hannah! You covered everything well & in detail! 😀

  4. elika sah
    | Reply

    I have to robo hamsters corny make and mini female and I. Have a Russian
    dwarf thunder and Elsa and syrian hamster called bridge 

  5. The Glamour Girls
    | Reply

    I am getting a hamster very soon. And I have been watching your videos,
    they are great. I am going to subscribe now. I am sure your vids will help
    me and my hamster. :)

  6. bran ks
    | Reply

    your hamsters are so Cute:) Gingersnap & Sumatra Are so Lucky:) I am
    Getting A Syrian hamster soon and im wondering if this cage is good for a

  7. Morgan Erickson
    | Reply

    How do you weigh just your hamster because the cup weighs stuff too.

  8. DailySniffs
    | Reply

    If you press “unit” you can change the measuring unit to grams (:

    At least that’s how it is for my kitchen scale (:

  9. Kitty Ham
    | Reply

    My hamster is actually overweight and fat..:( do have any suggestions for
    my hammie? Should I put her on a diet or anything? Thanks in advance!!

  10. Olivia Bortz
    | Reply

    You don’t really need the tare feature. Just weight the mug, then weigh the
    hamster in the mug, then subtract the weight of the mug from the weight of
    the hamster and mug 

  11. Katherine Lebouef
    | Reply

    Please help me my hamster is dehydrated with sunken in eyes .he is very
    thin and has a clean butt and has pee on his belly.I gave him thyme like
    the tutorial cc26 has and cleaned his cage but he looks very sick.I offered
    to use my allowance to pay for a vet visit but im not allowed. Please help!

  12. Gwen Keane
    | Reply

    Wow, I’m early

  13. HammyLux
    | Reply

    Trying to catch up on all your videos I missed!! This is such a great video
    and so informative!! Thank you for sharing! And of course gingersnap and
    Sumatra were so cute in the glass I wanted to just grab them and give
    kisses!!! Haha

  14. MacyPooh196
    | Reply

    I’m doing my senior project on the weight of baby Robos from birth until
    January 2015. Right now my litter is only 5 days old but I plan to weigh
    them once they turn two weeks and start their feeding plan. This is for my
    Veterinary Science class by the way

  15. Hamster Horsesandcats
    | Reply

    The hamsters were amazing role models! 🙂 loved the video <3

  16. eXtremeColors488
    | Reply

    Er mah gerd! This is such a coincidence! I was just preparing my kitchen
    scale to weigh Dusty! Hehe! Gingersnap is so teeeeeny! Hehe! I think more
    hamster care channels should make a video topic on this to inform viewers
    that knowing how to weigh your hamster is extremely important! Thanks for
    the *stunning* video, Hannah! *hugs* 😀 x

  17. heyitsme
    | Reply

    Hi , I got a hamster 2 days ago and today her little tail is wet and I
    think she has wet tail she is around 4,5-6 weeks old , but she eats ,
    drinks water and run in her wheel , I told my dad about it but he told me
    that it was normal of hamster babies to have that but I really don’t know
    if that’s true , please help me I’m really scared 

  18. Mimi Redman
    | Reply

    Hi HH! I just wanted to share that my hamster passed away yesterday, but
    your videos of your hamsters are keeping me happy even though mine is now
    gone! Keep making videos! I love them!

  19. Elise Marx
    | Reply

    Do your hamsters keep you awake at night? Mine does, I even have the silent

  20. HoneyHammie
    | Reply

    Wow!! Love the video!! Great job! Hehe! Aww! Gingersnap and Sumatra
    cuteness overload!! They are so cute! :D

  21. The Rattie Life
    | Reply

    Amazing video! I was going to do this last week, but the scale is broken
    **sobs* Ooo that scale displayed Gingersnap’s little bum very nicely :3
    There is such a huge size difference between the two haha

  22. mistyapril29
    | Reply

    Thanks HH! I have been so worried about my Serian hammy! I believe she is
    under weight. I’m going to get a scale and see!

  23. Gia Flo
    | Reply

    What is the healthily wait for a Chinese hamster? 

  24. skinny jason
    | Reply

    dose lil soldiers deserve treats for being so brave

  25. EJ or Nah
    | Reply

    Hi hoppinghammy 🙂 i was just wondering if u could help me. I put 2
    teaspoons of food into my russian dwarf’s food bowl tonight and a sprinkle
    of oats. I will soon be adding more to that 🙂 but how many nights should
    this food last her? I’m curious because i think she is a bit over weight
    because she is quite chubby so i’m trying to put her on a healthy diet. I
    hope u read this and can help. Thank u 🙂 x

  26. Floral Jess
    | Reply

    My Syrian hamster weighs around 220g and on somebody else’s video they said
    that 100-300g is normal so I’m a bit confused if she is healthy or not?
    Please help! 

  27. Milan Ladman-frykman
    | Reply

    Help I don’t know how to empty my hamster cheek pouches

  28. mylittlezoo22
    | Reply

    Excellent video!

  29. Julianna B
    | Reply

    Hi Hannah! I live in Texas and I’m taking a vacation to Florida for 1and a
    half weeks. We will be driving for 2 days on the way there and then 2 days
    on the way back. I have a golden Syrian hamster and she is currently in a
    110 qt. bin cage. I have talked to my mom about bringing her on the trip
    with us. My main concerns are her stress level. I will take her normal bin
    cage and it will sit next to me on the car ride. I’m planning on packing a
    whole extra suitcase for her food, toys, etc. I will be staying at my
    aunt’s house the whole time. She owns one cat but I’m not necessarily
    concerned about that since I own 4 cats. And none of them care about her.
    Another concern that I have is getting her into the hotel. My dad said I
    shouldn’t worry about that because the rules are mainly placed for dogs and
    cats, not caged animals. On the way back instead of a hotel, we will be
    staying at my half uncle’s house. He owns 2 big dogs and that’s what my mom
    is concerned about. I was going to see if he would let me set her bin on
    top of a tall dresser or on top of a table or counter. Also, would the car
    trip it’s self be too much? Would there be too many bumps on the road for
    her? I really appreciate any advice you can give me!


  30. Rose Sakura
    | Reply

    Hehe my hamster is so naughty she would just break the glass lol and she’s
    massive. Literally I have to add two bags of bedding for her to be happy
    because last week her first week here in her 40 gallon tank she was chewing
    on the silicone and digging to the glass then peeing there and it started
    to smell like turds so I took out soiled bedding which was gross but oh
    well then added like another bag of bedding and some Kaytee clean and cozy.
    Somehow after putting her food dish on a platform that I made she still
    ended up with bedding in it, how even does that happen. She’s digging on
    the glass right now the noise is like a fork being scraped on a plate it’s
    awful but at least she likes mugs the one I have now is a kitty that says
    I’m not fat I’m fluffy which all hamsters say that phrase it’s common sense
    lol. Wait what am I talking about oh jeeze I’ve been rambling on oops lol I
    just hope Fuzzy Polka Dot doesn’t see this because she’ll get mad at me for
    trying to steal the title of longest comment about hamsters lol

  31. Animals and Nature
    | Reply

    Great video! Sumatra and Gingersnap are very sweet and I am glad that they
    are both healthy :)

  32. fuzzychocolatehammy
    | Reply

    im glad I know how to weigh Skittles (hammy) now!

  33. ItsJustMe ThatOneLoser
    | Reply

    What editor do you use?

  34. Grace Ashley
    | Reply

    Awesome video! I just weighed my dwarf, and Syrian and they are both
    healthy weights! 

  35. Hamsters107
    | Reply

    I adopted mine and he’s 169 grams. Is that healthy?

  36. Jayne Tsuong
    | Reply

    The picture of my account is a robo dwarf hamster like Gingersnap, that is
    Brownie my hamster

  37. Elina Le Nguyen
    | Reply

    I’ve got a roborovski hamster since October 2013, and he still not tamed..
    I know that it takes a while, but now it’s nearly a year ago. Why is it so
    hard? I’m TRYING to tame him, but he just take some steps to my hand and
    then run away.. Can anyone please help me? :(

  38. laurendoerr
    | Reply

    A handy feature that your scale (and most scales) have is a way to change
    units. You hit the button and it tells you the weight in grams. That way
    you do not have to look up the conversion and you can be more accurate.
    Sumatra is a really small syrian. My current female syrian weighs 180g and
    my past syrian was 111g the day he died when he was skin and bone (we do
    not know what he was sick with but we did everything possible for him). He
    when he was healthy was in the 150-160g range. 

  39. Dancing kitten
    | Reply

    Your hamster is sooo adorable and cute

  40. Lou Hutter
    | Reply

    Hey HoppingHammy, I want to get another hamster but i am not sure how my
    hamster will react to a new buddy. So should i get another cage because i
    just don’t know! Comment on one of my videos what you think! Thanks!;) and
    stay punchie

  41. HammiesAndDungarees
    | Reply

    I’m gonna weigh Sandy 😀 buut she’s so big that she’ll probably break the
    scaled :’) only joking, I hope she’s a good weight :)

  42. Ashley Hammie
    | Reply

    Should I get another hamster cuz my last hamster died but I don’t know if I
    should get another hamster cuz I barely have time to take care if my birds
    and I have 4 birds

  43. Asia a13
    | Reply

    I know this May sound a little harsh or something but I was wonder?!?! It’s
    my first time having a hamster! So what do you do when he or she passes
    aways like what do you do with the hamster???? And I’m sorry for asking
    that too it may not sound as pleasant but what do you do????? I just wanna

  44. quakey katex
    | Reply

    Could please tell me how u know if they are storing food in there pouches x

  45. Nerdy Kawaii
    | Reply

    Please help me! My Syrian hamster chipped his tooth a bit biting the bars
    of his cage, I am getting him a bigger one soon but I am getting worried
    about it. He is eating fine and hasn’t lost or gained any weight
    dramatically, what do I do? Should I take him to the vet? Should I be

  46. katy hughes
    | Reply

    Please help! Ive had my hamster about two weeks and havent seen him behave
    like this until today, is it normal? http://youtu.be/isDJ8OBj5Fc last night
    I did clean out the bottom tubes (not the one his is in during the video)
    and his penthouse. Thank you

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