I hope we haven’t inconvenienced you in anyway.

I have converted our old http://PetLvr.blogspot.com to our new location here at http://www.PetLvr.com/blog. I hope you like the new look.

I actually didn’t want to move. But, I should have created this blog on our Domain PETLVR.COM right from the start. I have been experimenting over the last few weeks trying to get BLOGGER.COM to FTP publish the old template into our domain, but for the life of me .. I couldn’t figure this out and kept on receiving errors.

So, I downloaded WORDPRESS which is this blog program, and I have made the switch effective today – Friday July 8, 2005.

For now – those of you linking our RSS/XML Atom feeds .. here is the new link…

For Our Entries:

All entries up to Thursday July 7, 2005 have been imported successfully into this new Blog, including comments.

I hope you all bear with us … as for myself, I have not only created the extra work in switching everything but, I have to learn a whole new program as well. Also, I have been rechecking all of my links and URL’s that are part of my old blog site, and making sure they work from in here. And, our great Contributors have to learn how to use this new program as well.

The good news is, though, that WORDPRESS is much more flexible in the archiving and sorting of information, and that our information is much easier to find under [THE CATEGORIES] heading on the right side of this page.

Oh well .. I am going to miss my Google ToolBar … *sniffles*

If you have any comments about this new blog site, feel free to add your comments or email me directly at hart@PetLvr.com.

Take care.

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