We Have A New Theme Template

maxxieandsophieChange is good, right? After experiencing some issues following the recent WordPress v3.5.1 update and Genesis theme v1.9.1 upgraded, I decided to just start from scratch with a new template.

Please Bear With Us

I like this theme! It is very user friendly with the amount of videos posted on this site. However, it is extremely under construction and may change at any notice – but, at least it is live. If you are experiencing anything unusual, please use the Contact Form and let HART know. In the meantime, what suggestions do you think is needed here?

Colour scheme? Pictures? Photo Gallery?


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8 Responses

  1. Dubie Bacino
    | Reply

    Hart, why don’t you go to http://www.studiopress.com and see if you like any of their premium themes. They are all based on Genesis framework for wordpress. I have developer’s license and am happy to send you any theme you choose. Have a great day!

    • HART (aka PetLvr Admin)
      | Reply

      I do have the Sleek, Lifestyle and 2 other Child themes of Genesis. I was quite peeved from the lack of support this week. The old forum was read only. The new forum didn’t recognize me. I was ignored trying to get access from my purchase details. I tweeted them with no response. I emailed them with no response and used their contact form with no response. I like Genesis and my old theme, but every 2 hours after the upgrade the widgets would reset to no widgets.

      Thanks for the offer though .. I will probably take a look at new themes for my sports site in the fall.

    • HART (aka PetLvr Admin)
      | Reply

      I was just browsing the Genesis themes .. http://my.studiopress.com/choose-theme/ … and don’t see my SLEEK theme anymore … I wonder if that’s why I had so much problems with the upgrade? Maybe it is not compatible with the latest wordpress 🙁

  2. Catherine White
    | Reply

    Beautiful themes. I can see how cat lovers would enjoy this.

  3. Sunish Sebastian
    | Reply

    Hi Hart,

    The theme is good looking.

    Few suggestions: In the home page all the featured images are same. It looks weird. You could set different images for each post in the home page. Apart from that, it looks good to me.

    • HART (aka PetLvr Admin)
      | Reply

      Thanks 🙂 // Yeah .. I wish I could figure out how to do that …..

      I have a plugin that could randomize images …
      < php blah blah blah >

      And my theme functions file has a section …

      // Else use default image
      return get_template_directory_uri() .’/images/default.jpg’;

      But if I insert the php code between the quotes or replace default.jpg I get that white screen and site goes down. If someone had ideas on that, it would be great 🙂 I have hundreds of photos I was thinking of randomizing for the non-video posts. The ones with videos pick up the thumbnail from YouTube.

    • HART (aka PetLvr Admin)
      | Reply

      Woohoo! I had help figuring out some code that randomizes 150 images instead of all of these repeating images … What do you think now? 😀

  4. Ron Callari
    | Reply

    Themes are inviting! Good luck with the new format!

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