This video is all about a basic guide to rabbit care. I hope you all enjoyed and found it helpful 🙂 Give this video a “LIKE” and comment down below 🙂 also don’t forget to subscribe! thank you so much for watching! I love you guys! ♡



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• Guinea pigs x8 – Letty, Fudge, Coco, Bumble, Blossom, Poppy, Ben & Gus
• Rabbits x3 – Jamima, Belle & Felix
• Dogs x2 – Vita & Kate
• Hamsters x2 – Gizmo & Oddball


Camera: canon 1200D
Lens: 18-55mm, 50mm or 70-300mm
Editing software: Sony Vagas Pro 13

Music is not mine; no copyright intended.


thanks for watching ❥

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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18 Responses

  1. Lucy Smith
    | Reply

    Baby rabbits are cute but they grow up into adult rabbits anyway
    I learned that the hard way when I was younger
    I wanted a baby rabbit, so we got one. Then I had it until it began to get bigger, which was less cute in my opinion.
    Then I said I didn't want the rabbit anymore, so my parents took him to the rescue.
    Then, about a week later, I asked my mum for another one, and she told me " you said that you didn't want the last one "
    I was like " yea because I want a baby rabbit. The adults are weird and ugly."

    I have now learned that every rabbit, and animal, is beautiful
    No matter how old or young they are.

  2. Tegan McCabe
    | Reply

    is it raining?

  3. Helen Mctighe
    | Reply

    Where you get your pea flakes from

  4. Jada Rivera
    | Reply

    I would think that leaving your bunny's out side a hawk would get them, even in the day time.

  5. Miranda Random
    | Reply

    You have so many bunnies!!! This is amazing 🙂

  6. Tom Rabbit and Friends
    | Reply

    Great video 🙂

  7. Aisling Tunney
    | Reply

    please add me on snapchat

  8. Sarah Hollis
    | Reply

    I have a white mini lop too! Called Buttercup 🙂 I also have a black mini lop called Peanut. Both have beautiful Blue eyes. They're siblings 💙

  9. Emma Daggett
    | Reply

    I think my rabbit has an eye infection, is there anything I could use to help clear it up, of corse I'll go to the vet if it isn't better in the next few days

  10. weepiglets
    | Reply

    Hi Hannah You are most welcome. Praise given where it's due.

  11. Pet tv 2468
    | Reply

    Can you also do a video on how to get rid of rabbit smell thanks. : )

  12. Pet tv 2468
    | Reply

    Great video.I am thinking about getting my rabbit nutered and I don't know if I should have a local vet do it.And can you make a video about bonding rabbits because I want to pair my rabbit with another rabbit in the future

  13. HorseEditsxx _
    | Reply

    I LOVE YOUR BUNS! And you, not in a weird way >_< lol. I have 2 bunnies ( angora, and Netherland dwarf), 4 guinea pigs, and a hamster (Syrian) and your videos helped me learn to care for them. Thank you!

  14. Pets palace Forever
    | Reply

    Um the thing about vegetables I have two rabbits who can't have vegetables because they have very delicate stomachs so if they have some they will get diarrhoea is there anything I can do

  15. Willow Robinson
    | Reply

    I would really really appreciate a adult rabbit diet vid xx

  16. BunniesOfTheBurrow
    | Reply

    Great video 🙂 xx I wish we could vaccinate against mixo here (its illegal in Australia). It's hard knowing the disease is actually released by the government and theres nothing we can do to protect our pets. Anyway, thanks for some more great info!

  17. Ellie _M
    | Reply

    Loved this video 💕

  18. Bunny Bottoms
    | Reply

    So informative – just wondering what do you hope to do when your ur older ? ❤

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