Wanting To Keep Tropical Fish

Wanting To Keep Tropical Fish

By Robert Mellor

So you want to keep tropical fish and have a stunning aquarium sitting in your living room or anywhere else in your house for that matter. Maybe you wish to breed topical fish in the future as a hobby or even make a living from it. If your thinking of getting tropical fish then there is a few rules you must obey in order for it to be an exciting, stress free experience you will enjoy and not regret.

The first thing you need to do is take it slow and plan. There are so many things that can go wrong with tropical fish if you don’t plan and research. You will not know which fishes are going to live together without chaos and you need to know what water conditions and equipment some species require. You need to know which tropical fish will breed easily and which only experts should attempt.

The best thing you could do is research into keeping tropical fish so then you can plan your course of action. One of the best books I have come across is Tropical Fish Secrets which you can find out more about by going to my tropical fish blog.

Keeping tropical fish can be a very relaxing, rewarding hobby but it can also become stressful if you don’t get the right advice so be sure to check that book out.

If you already have in mind where you want the aquarium to go then please make sure it meats these few requirements:

1) It is not in direct sunlight. This is important as the temperature can become too warm.

2) It is on a level, hard surface. Water weighs a lot and the surface needs to be very strong that it is on. It also needs to be level so the water level will be level

3) It is main an electrical socket. You don’t want wires laying on the ground so make sure you have got a couple of spare sockets near by.

Rob owns a few blogs on aquarium fish and saltwater fish

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