Visit to All Heart Pet Rescue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

>> Note: From YouTube >>

We went to the pet rescue today as the girlfriends mom was looking for a kitten. Website: Facebook:

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. MultiAustin11

    @daewooparts I have a 1 yr female mini dachsund and she is my world!

  2. Skavaen

    @daddytech I have a kitty. We went because the girlfriends mom was looking for a new cat as hers just passed away. Instead of one kitty, she got two LOL.

    My favorite dog there was that fluffy shepard looking dog. Kinda looked like a shepard/chow mix.

  3. rex4x4

    @daddytech he is lookin for the mother inlaw

  4. rex4x4

    nice drive …… hows the one eyed dog ?

  5. Skavaen

    @rex4x4 he’s got a bit of an over bite and depth perception problem…but he is a super buddy. Really friendly little guy. I never got the back story on him though.

  6. ajr11000

    @mylord800 me too

  7. Skavaen

    @youfillintheblank1 LOL I know…its all like TURBO WIPEAGE!!!!

  8. adge0042

    The people there are amazing. I don’t want to think about where those animals would be without them

  9. markkjay



  10. Skavaen

    @markkjay Sorry you don’t like it. I just wanted something in the background because there wasn’t much vlogging happening in this video.

  11. markkjay


    ah it’s all good, it just irritated me a little lol. Man are you planning on adopting? I always loved cats for some reason.

  12. Skavaen

    @markkjay I would but allergies would kill me. I’d like to get a buddy for felix..maybe then he would leave me alone LOL. Trying to sleep and Felix comes right up in my ear and starts merping. yeah Felix doesn’t meow…he merps. The girlfriends mom’s cat just passed away and they want to get another one…but now its another two LOL.

  13. CyberViking27

    So which kitten did she chose? Nice video. My pets are all shelter animals too.

  14. Skavaen

    @CyberViking27 She chose the calico and the grey guy with the white face. Both will be ready in a few more weeks to go to their forever homes.

  15. daddytech

    @rex4x4 look at what you wrote and ignore the other comments, or did you do that on purpose? lmao

  16. daddytech

    @Skavaen may have been but he looked like a happy fella.

  17. rex4x4

    @daddytech Bbaahhhhh hahahaha I diddnt even notice lol good “eye”.

  18. daddytech

    @rex4x4 I couldn’t help but notice, bad thing is i actually like my mother in law too, so i don’t know why that stood out to me so much but it did, just struck me funny and OMG lol

  19. 2Perky

    Your accent sounds more Minnesotan than stereotypical Canadian. 🙂 Are you fairly close to the border?

  20. Skavaen

    @2Perky LOL nope. I live about 6 hours from Niagra Falls.

  21. novoiperkele

    Pets are boring and useless..

  22. Skavaen

    @novoiperkele wow…so negative. Pets are fun dude. You can train them to do things. My buddies old Collie was trained to go to the fridge and get him a beer. That dog was awesome!

  23. akrackenberger

    Dave should donate some of his catnip to this place….and when I get a house, I plan on adopting a dog.

  24. GmTruckCarLove

    Go get your self some pussy! LOL 🙂

  25. Cloud Living


    No they’re not. I have a dog and a cat and they are both very fun to be around 🙂