Veterinary Secrets: Dog Anal Gland Problems

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Something simple you can do for your dog, at home – express anal glands without going to the Vet. Not for everyone, but if you’d like to save money at the vet, it’s easy to do.

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. Fairy3012
    | Reply

    The poor dog, you can tell it feels degraded.
    My mother’s dog stunk of anal gland juices and she ended up with an infection, smells so gross.

  2. SedatedGator
    | Reply

    Nice vet technique, picking up your dog and moving him by his tail ass hole.

  3. RogerRabbit301
    | Reply

    The dogs just like WTF’s going on back there?

  4. mvrmsla7
    | Reply

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  5. UNanook
    | Reply

    Thank You, Thank YOU, I am one of those ppl who has spent money on the vet just for this procedure. Now I think I’m confident enough to handle my dachshund’s drip butt. That’s what I call it ( DRIP BUTT)

  6. TheChlomyster
    | Reply

    Dr. Jones u r so cool i wish I had someone like u as my dogs vet. She is a chocolate lab 11 years old with anal gland problems. The vet wants to do a procedure called anal gland infusion before that happens I’m going to try the flax and i heard pure pumkin is good too. I have tried the hot compress she like them.

  7. BloodyRosesx
    | Reply

    it looked like he was playing in that dog’s ass lmfao

  8. PapillonOne
    | Reply

    Louis is such a good dog….so calm. Thanks for the advice Dr. Jones.

  9. sunkissedbeach
    | Reply

    You can tell if your dog has plugged glands also if you find your dog scooting on the floor dragging his butt along the ground or your carpet ( horrors)
    The dog feels the pressure inside there and it is really unpleasant for him or her.
    Aslo this is not a pleasant thing to do, the dog feels much better after.

  10. ioana1309
    | Reply

    awww poor dog:(

  11. marshall98407
    | Reply

    i need to try it….my vet chharges 20 bucks and petco is 8 bucks but petco didnt get it all out…dogs with allergies need this done …my dog needs squeezed once a month or hell get an infection and smell like fish and scoot carpet and then vet bills…so im gonna order gloves,ky lube,and pet wipes then ill try ill save money since kingsley is only 2 yrs old

  12. kiraush
    | Reply

    1:56 “Wtf are you doing?? O.o”

  13. sheluvscrocs
    | Reply

    Aww, poor dog. It doesnt hurt them does it?

  14. sheluvscrocs
    | Reply

    @mvrmsla7, why do you post a comment that has a little english but practically all spanish so ppl who dont speak spanish dont understand it???

  15. MayonR
    | Reply

    @eam623 I need to do this to my dog, but will take her to Petco tomorrow. i know what you mean about the smell though. Years ago before I knew about this ,another dog I had tied in the back of my truck fell over the side. I put her back in but there was this terrible smell like burnt rubber. Was so gross I couldn’t get the smell out of my nose for a long time. Eww.

  16. anvilheaded
    | Reply

    people shouldn’t be encouraged to do this at home because of the possibility of injuries. squeeze too hard and you can damage your dog’s glands and cause them further problems.

  17. watchmoivies123
    | Reply

    Is this dog sick?Or very old? I can’t believe he is just staying there.
    What a good dog!

  18. funstuffable
    | Reply

    (Dog Speaking)— WTF ARE YOU DOING!?… Oh wow… holy crap!… Keep going!!!

  19. nottilus
    | Reply

    you bang your dog

  20. bumthink121
    | Reply

    at 1:50 someones says yeah in the background

  21. shortypingi
    | Reply

    This video was very helpful, when my husky wasn’t going to the bathroom, I was freaking out. But learning about how to do this without going to the vet made me feel a lot better.

  22. jenniferjuniper97
    | Reply

    Remind me not to shake hands with a vet ever again.

  23. weirdispretty
    | Reply

    @jenniferjuniper97 you can if the vet was wearing gloves lol

  24. weirdispretty
    | Reply

    @sheluvscrocs its french not spanish

  25. sheluvscrocs
    | Reply

    @weirdispretty well i dont know anything about foreign languages so IM sorry

  26. Dog Lover
    | Reply

    This is I always get pet insurance! You never know what small health issue is going to come up and you always want to be prepared! My cat once had to have her anal glands expelled… I heard her scream in terror while it happened… poor thing!

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