Van Ness Hamster Ball

I recently ordered this from and thought I would do a short video on it. It can be used 3 different ways: as a regular ball, on a stand, and on a stand in the hamsters cage like a wheel. I really like this ball and haven’t seen one like it before.

Link to Ball:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

11 Responses

  1. Lacie Ferguson
    | Reply

    My hamsters name is peanut he is a robo dwarf hamster

  2. Z Lightning
    | Reply


  3. Valentina Soilemetzidi
    | Reply

    καλο!πειρα προσφατα μια μπαλα και του αρεσε του χαμστερμ

  4. Shayleen Perez
    | Reply

    their is hamster balls in petco

  5. Cameron Boyes
    | Reply

    You fucking idiot we want how too piut it toger

  6. Hamaters ,Art ,Talent And More!!!
    | Reply

    petsathome do thier own version of this for if you live in the uk

  7. PennyPenguin Gaming
    | Reply

    I only use these when cleaning the cage

  8. bubble gum girl6239
    | Reply


  9. Kalina V
    | Reply

    Amazon had it

  10. SnowDown Cold
    | Reply

    Walmart and target California

  11. Sirius
    | Reply

    That's animal cruelty, POS.

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