Update: Day 7 of Maxxie In A Cage

Poor Maxxie 🙁


It’s been a week now since we took Maxxie to the vet last thursday and found out he had Canine Degenerative Disc Disease and recommended that he be locked up in a cage for 2 full weeks, to restrict him from aggravating his spinal cord and allowing these discs to mend themselves over this time.

It’s been tough on all of us. Okay – Me! I’m the one home during the day. Tough “master” Love!

He’s kind of getting better, but slowly. He is certainly being restless sitting and laying in the cage 24 hours per day and strives for attention. The above picture is just outside the door of my office (in my home) on the 2nd floor, and it’s in a position where he can see what’s going on in the bedroom, where Sophie and our cat Zeus like to lay. Sometimes, Sophie just toys with Maxxie’s mind and will eat bone-bones next to the cage, or bark at any little noise, and when we leave a little bowl of food in Maxxie’s Kennel .. she hangs around there hoping he spills some so she can eat the kibbles on the floor around the cage and even inside at the edges of the cage!

But, Sophie and Zeussie miss Maxxie .. it is evident. Sophie will sometimes just like next to the cage to be close to Maxxie .. (aawwwww) .. and, well – whenever I lift Maxxie out of the cage to go outside .. Zeussie the Pussy Cat sneaks in the cage and doesn’t want to leave!

It was definitely easier when Maxxie was paralyzed in his hind paws and could barely stand up for more than 10 seconds .. he knew he was sick and needed to get better and got his rest. The past few days, he’s been up and about circling and manouevering the towel inside the cage, and getting a little feeling back there in his hind paws!

Everytime I move or get up or go to the washroom or go downstairs for a cup of coffee .. Maxxie is kind of whimpering, wanting to be let out of the cage. For the first few days, he would only do that when he was either hungry, thirsty or had to go outside. Now .. it’s just to get out.

But there are 7 more days to go

It will be a long week with Maxxie in the Kennel. Business calls for me to go out away from the home during the day .. to add to his stress of being alone. We found out the other day (last Saturday) that we were out between 10am and 3pm and he was barking the whole time – when we thought he was sleeping and medicated!~

But .. as I mentioned before .. we want this little guy to be around for a long-time .. and 7 days isn’t that long in the scheme of things

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