Understand THIS and Your Dog Will Learn Faster (How to Achieve Perfect Timing!)

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25 Responses

  1. Thomas Brock
    | Reply

    Hey Zak I just got a new puppy she's a German wirehead pointer and vizsla Cross and she's awesome in everyway but she wakes me up in the night a lot for toilets and food is this normal for a 8 week old puppy and I am taking her for good exercises before bed and stuff but do u have other things to help

  2. Clancy Tesselaar
    | Reply

    hi zak. first i really love your videos and second i was wondering since i just rescued a boxer cross american pit bull who is 1-1/2 years old if you could do a video on how to train older dogs to be calm in your house thank you.

  3. Amanda Chow
    | Reply

    HEY ZACK! can you post a video on how to teach a dog to catch a treat??

  4. phantom killer
    | Reply

    I tried to train my dog to lay down but it didnt work because he is a mix breed and he is short! He wont lay down

  5. phantom killer
    | Reply

    My dog is 5 years old and he only sit if i have treat! if i dont have any treat he just ignore the command i say?why?

  6. June Choi
    | Reply

    How do you stop your dog from eating poo

  7. af k7
    | Reply

    IDC what anyone says, Zak is the GOAT dog trainer… sorry Cesar :p you're great too but Zak is #1

  8. Distrex
    | Reply

    Zak have you ever had a problem with potty training?

  9. Patrick Turner
    | Reply

    Zak, please help. I have a pit that's 4 years old and having some issues. He has like this aggressive undertone to him. He gets very defensive over food. I have been bit once and my dogs just got into a fight. I don't know how to or if it's even possible to fix the problem at all. Please help!!

  10. Cait S
    | Reply

    I just got a new puppy she is mostly teething on me and I try to use your method but it doesn’t seem to work and she won’t go potty. But so far she knows how to sit and getting used to her crate. If you can give any help I would appreciate it.

  11. Genevieve Thompson
    | Reply

    omg hes SO MUCH like my dog (i get the treats out) (dog sits and trys to give me a paw and lays down) XD

  12. Genevieve Thompson
    | Reply

    Omg Pancake wanna meet your twin? cuz mine looks like you and acts like you XD

  13. Pegah Jafari
    | Reply

    I cannot wait for the next video! 🤓 each of them are awesome 👍🏻🌼

  14. amal khalid
    | Reply

    I don’t really like dogs I’m a cat person but I love his vids

  15. DioH
    | Reply

    Really loving the book so far Zak! Great work, after reading it for a second time i'm getting a puppy!! Thanks for this revolution we totally needed! Much love, <3

  16. Josh S
    | Reply

    I really like this guy. He’s a good trainer.

  17. Luke
    | Reply

    Why is the e capitalised in your name?

  18. Priyanshu Banerjee
    | Reply

    # REQUEST ZAK GEARGE, Sir pls make a vdo on how to carry dogs on ride bikes or scooty… Or how to ride bikes or scooty with dogs… Pls pls pls

  19. Nick Rodriguez
    | Reply

    What should I name my new lab puppy

  20. kto
    | Reply

    Zak, I love your videos! You've been a great help! Thank you for everything.

  21. Melanie Rose
    | Reply

    Hi my name is Melanie I’m 11 years old I have a 2.5 year old mini labradoodle we got him about a year ago and he is an extremely intelligent dog we loves learning new tricks. I hope you see this!🐶 ~Melanie

  22. Jason Chew
    | Reply

    Zach thanks for the videos. Super helpful. Just wondering how we get our dog to not growl at us when we try to take away a elk antler from her (for example).

  23. Jarzie Gavrille Bustos
    | Reply

    What food or award food you give?

  24. Angela Nestoridou
    | Reply

    Hi Zak. I've been working with my dog for 5 years and you really helped me when I started training him . I just have a problem . When he is out in the yard he goes through the fence in our neighbour's yard . How can I prevent him from doing that?

  25. Rich Meister
    | Reply

    Thanks so much, Zak. These are great! How do I refine a command after I've already taught it? For instance, my dog goes into "play dead" immediately after I tell her to "lay down" even if I don't reward her for it

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