Ultimate Dog Tease

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Dogs… Love…. Food. T-SHIRTS: bit.ly (all profits go to SPCA) facebook: www.facebook.com twitter: twitter.com Thanks to IcePrincessXXIV for supplying the video of Clark!: www.youtube.com

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. RyGrMan
    | Reply

    ha ha ha we aren’t dead yet

  2. msTmattole
    | Reply

    I so love this!!

  3. Chakdegirl
    | Reply


  4. procl1
    | Reply

    this guy is dr. Doolittle

  5. domehardandslowly
    | Reply

    AHAHAHAHAH, best bit is 0.27!

  6. bumpstickc6
    | Reply


  7. akcender
    | Reply


  8. sddfs777
    | Reply


  9. kerryreece1620
    | Reply

    @WestTheNinja a funny dog ahahah.

  10. stacylynchhung
    | Reply

    heheheheh 🙂

  11. ana20141
    | Reply

    this is hilarious! i luv it!

  12. MrHxcbeast
    | Reply

    nooo 🙁
    scooby dooo wanna scooby snack? 🙂

  13. hategirl12345
    | Reply

    ME! So I ate it.
    Best part XD

  14. zhoutai333
    | Reply


  15. matthew11136
    | Reply

    this is hilarious, love it 🙂

  16. Jxrred
    | Reply

    “The Maple Kind, YEAH!”

  17. RthereNEusernames
    | Reply

    Lmfao, I always say this trending but never clicked on it.. WHAT WAS I THINKING!

  18. ilovedongthap
    | Reply

    Did the dog finally get his own food???

  19. Ameliags00
    | Reply

    hahaha i love it all

  20. WarchiefBlackhand
    | Reply

    Holy crap. Press 8 over and over. It’s actually kind of scary. D:

  21. refflex100
    | Reply

    haha , funny !!

  22. logitechg15
    | Reply

    thank god the world didn’t end, i can continue to watch this video hundreds of times xd

  23. Aternis
    | Reply

    awsome, man, so cool 🙂

    Noooooo~~~~~u ate them all!!!

  24. Supagirl56
    | Reply

    dude that is a gift you could make my turtle seem funny!

  25. CandeyCanes
    | Reply

    This is
    so funny luv it (: -3

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