Training Your Parrot to Talk

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23 Responses

  1. elvin josias
    | Reply

    Hi….I hav an african grey, and he seems to be receptive at night, when I cover the cage. I found that, when im studying (next to hes cage), he responds to my "jibber-jabber, or go to words, that I use. Could that be a starting point to him starting, or, as you said "trying to perfect the word"?…also, sometimes hes receptive to me taking him out of the cage, other times he wants to bite?..what could be the reason for hes only 3months+ old..

  2. Anna Christodoulou
    | Reply

    My Senegal seems to have a specific voice for talking and it usually sounds like two syllables, but he hasn’t quite mastered the pronunciation so I can’t workout which words he has picked up since a lot of the words I use are two syllables.

  3. Dejan Jankov
    | Reply

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to teach parrots tricks try Dalz Parrot Tips Discovery (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  4. Layla Nahar
    | Reply

    I think you might be the most chill parrot owner in youtubeland. Thanks for all the education.

  5. Dutch van der Linde
    | Reply

    1:39 .exe has stopped working

  6. Sadine J.
    | Reply

    We have 5 cockatoos 2 Indian ring necks and a hamster in the past.

  7. Dano Hamilton
    | Reply

    I've re homed an Indian ring neck. , we was told he's 1 year old, so now he's 2 years as I have him for a year , so can u plz give me the best tips for biting, me an ruby is close enough but he still won't let me touch him , help me

  8. Kay White
    | Reply

    Somewhere on my drive I have pics of my Amazon holding signs that say, "Everyone asks, 'Does it talk?'"

    "Not 'Does she open cans with her face?'"

  9. Prasadanie Welgama
    | Reply

    Do eclectus talk the same?

  10. guppy lover
    | Reply

    I think your videos are good. So I think I can keep a bird like this. I wish that. Please give me more videos about this. I really want take care of my bird

  11. brandon ford
    | Reply

    So I'm a zookeeper and we recently recieved a African gray as a rescue. This video was extremely informative. I will be working with the African gray and our blue throated macaw. Thanks for the video.

  12. Michaela Carpentier
    | Reply

    I just adopted 2 greys ( brother and sister ) they are about 12-15 years old. They don’t talk at all. They do make chirps and noises. Do you think they will ever talk ?

  13. DJ Techno The Fox
    | Reply

    At Florida busch gardens rollercoaster park theres a big cage for birds and you walk in and feed them too and alot of the birds flew onto me. My head hands shoulders and hands and also the video was helpful and a good explanation too. Great info talk aswell.

  14. Jknows IQ
    | Reply

    Great video good info

  15. Rebecca Suraci
    | Reply

    I got my dream bird , a galah, from a rescue to provide companionship to my blue front amazon. My dream bird came part plucked and i was told it was bc she had bacterial infection from having spent lots of time outside in the elements before having been rescued. Four years later and many thousands of dollars and many sutures and procedures and rx later, she is almost 50% bald, has constant issues reopening wounds underneath her wings, is very needy and tends to her depressed . From day one I have sacrificed my relationsip and social life and personal wants bc I feel the need to stay not only home all the time to tend to her delicate self, but holed up in my craft room aviary entertaining her . I love her to pieces and it’s worth it, but you have to really ask yourself if you can emotionally and financially afford the word case scenario. I have basically the worst case scenario. Lol. 💓

  16. OlWolf1011
    | Reply

    I'd mention that the larger parrots live for DECADES – so those youngsters thinking it would be cool to have one, need to consider their dedication to one for most of their lives! And they bond with their human as tightly as a mate, so it's traumatic for the bird to be just tossed away because your interests have changed! There are birds in shelters who's human has passed away – and the bird is left homeless… these are not a whim, not disposable… can you commit for decades?

  17. The Fox
    | Reply

    It's a shame that parrot shelters are a thing pretty much only in the US.

  18. Lucyanne Skinner
    | Reply

    Great video

  19. Lexi Hay
    | Reply

    I wish that you would put subtitles on your videos as to what Smokey is saying. Or at least tell us since we can’t easily understand her. Thank you ☺️!

  20. Eemia Zenun
    | Reply

    I love this guy.

  21. Janet Civiero
    | Reply

    I have a yellow crowned amazon who's 9, I've had him since he was 4 months old and bought him from a breeder after going to see 4 other breeders. If there's something you should know about parrots is that they have a very long life-expectancy so do not ever consider getting one unless you are willing to care deeply for this bird until the end (they can live up to 50, 80, 100 years of age depending on the breed). Parrots are much, much, much more attached and form very deep bonds to their owners, worlds more than dogs or cats could ever have with you. Should you give up on them because they're really messy or difficult personality wise or perhaps get tired of the huge responsibility of caring for them the way they require (it's complicated!) they will more often than not either die of heart-break if given away or pluck their feathers till they have none and/or to the point of even biting at their own skin and bleeding. If you are thinking of giving your parrot away because it has behavioural problems please consider working with an expert trainer until these issues are fixed first because if you give them away to a stranger (a stranger to them) they will not only feel that their best friend has abandoned them but they are much less likely to heal these behavioural issues in that state, as well as going into an unknown environment with a new owner. The new owner will often eventually give the bird to a rescue and this bird will more than likely end up unhappy and in unfavourable conditions over and over in many homes till it dies. These animals need a lot of time from you, your patience, gentleness, and compassion so if those aren't traits that you have, a bird is not for you. These creatures are highly sensitive and need lots of love and attention throughout their lives and right till the end, from one owner. The bonds that they form with you are tremendous. Please think about it very well, consider all of the factors involved and consider them realistically! Do much research please. Thanks

  22. Joseph Morgan
    | Reply

    What do you with smokey on holidays because we were out of the house for like 12 hours

  23. Apache Cai
    | Reply

    You and your birds are absolutely incredible. Do you have a full-time job and how much time do you get to spend with your bird? I'm evaluating my situation to see if I should get a bird. Thanks.

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