Training your hamster

I hope this helps you guys out! please if you have any questions leave comments! My hamster’s name is Snowflake, btw. I named her that because i went out in …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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39 Responses

  1. DoctorGreen
    | Reply

    lol i’m a 16 year old boy and every hamster vid I see is like 13 year old
    girls, it’s wierd considering I breed reptiles and all their vids are 30
    year old men…

  2. Amanda Mcdowall
    | Reply

    when i was 6 i had a hamster for two years and i got a new hamster last may
    his name is scratch and im going to deffinently going to train him

  3. beadpeople
    | Reply

    Where did you buy your hamster cage?

  4. MegaMakeupPrincess
    | Reply

    i have had my hamster for 1 mounth and he sundenly started to bit me and he
    never did before what should i do?

  5. kelkel521
    | Reply

    my hamster doesnt want cheese im not sure if she likes it or not

  6. TheDubajuba
    | Reply

    U can give them cheese but only cottage cheese

  7. Nathan Arthurs
    | Reply

    it is not so good

  8. Rac Strick
    | Reply

    my hammy is shy.if i drop a veggie into his cage he will freeze and stare
    at me.:)

  9. soniczoom2000
    | Reply

    the longest a hamster can live is 4

  10. 73philyprincess
    | Reply

    Hello there, I just got my hamster today, and I was wondering if you could
    make videos for me to learn how to take care of one :] I have a teddy bear
    hamster, I will make a video of it soon, but I would like to know what she
    could eat, the only thing she has touched today we’re nuts :] Please
    Respond! ~Hamster Lover

  11. Maddie Breaker
    | Reply

    Where did u get the cage?

  12. BoyTheBeasty
    | Reply

    That Cage is BAD for Hamsters they don’t like walking on cage wires it
    annoys and makes them hard to tame and usually BITE you which isn’t nice
    hurts alot

  13. joshcribbs102
    | Reply


  14. booboo97dmnd
    | Reply

    Thought this was a guy lol

  15. superfairyninjas
    | Reply

    omg lolz i luv ur cage setup ……so how much it cost (top) btw already
    have aquarium and where u buy it

  16. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    lol thanks 🙂

  17. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    hahaha fuck you

  18. edwnful
    | Reply

    My hamster I have her for 12 years and she young

  19. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @Deion113 no problem (: glad i could help.

  20. Edoardo Carboni
    | Reply

    Fantastic, I too have called “Penny Lane” my hamster. You made an
    interesting video. I am Italian, the world is really small. 5 *

  21. DamienIZKing
    | Reply

    aww looks like mine

  22. MegaMakeupPrincess
    | Reply

    yes i do that all the time i take him out to play with me i lay with him
    every day, ut im starting to think that he dosnt like to be disturbd when
    he is sleeping also i think that when were paying outside the cae he bites
    me as a sign that he is hungry and wants to go i the caje to eat

  23. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @Deion113 That’s great 😀 glad I could help!

  24. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    lol nope…only a LITTLE bit of american cheese or whatever is ok too

  25. timber8909
    | Reply

    i want a cage like that! lol

  26. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @firebolt5191 try to take her out more maybe she’ll get more used to you.

  27. Nathan Arthurs
    | Reply


  28. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @TheMasterPierce1 hamster toys…definately a wheel and some cool things
    for them to crawl through

  29. zekerfreaker
    | Reply

    whats your hamsters name? i have a guinea pig. he’s about a year old. he’s
    very bad AND FAST TOO!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  30. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @chinchillasareus Thanks 🙂 Snowflake ( the hamster in this video).
    Recently passed away…we don’t know what from because we take good care of
    her 🙁 but I got a new hamster named Thunder and she’s adorable.

  31. AllyRomeo♥
    | Reply

    Subbed! 😀

  32. Carli Moore
    | Reply

    @TheRachTube hamsters can live 1 to 3 years and thanku for the vid it
    really helped srry ur hamster died:( i just got a hamster a few days ago
    named Jessica Lulu 🙂 lol and sheis awesome she falls asleep in my lap and
    she loves for me to pet her….and she is just adorable!!!:D

  33. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @xXxMaAAxXx hahahaha okay. I made this video when I was like 11 and I just
    keep it up because people might get an idea from it, I laugh at it myself
    actually. But you shouldn’t call me dumb when your grammar sucks. Oh and
    may I ask you what drops?…

  34. SkyBlueHappiness7
    | Reply

    i got my hamster snowball through ice on the roads :3 i slipped once though

  35. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    okie dokie.

  36. iSongs101
    | Reply

    this sounds pretty good 🙂 im gonna try it! thankss:)

  37. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @kobezalla thanks i try

  38. Danilo Portillo
    | Reply

    Fuck. You

  39. Rachel Weeks
    | Reply

    @petsticklesgirls1 ummmmmm …probably not

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