Training Your Cat Not to Scratch Furniture

Training Your Cat Not to Scratch Furniture

By Neil Groom

Cats have a natural instinct that will lead them to climb and scratch. If you are not providing the proper tools for the cat to use, they will use what they can find to scratch. For most, the times it will be furniture, drapes, counter tops or any thing that they can scratch.

Why does a cat need to scratch? Scratching is an enjoyable activity that a cat likes to do. Helps remove old layers of nails on the cat’s claws. Cats do scratching also to mark their territories in the home, so if there are other animals or cats in the house that is a way of telling them this is their area.

Lets look at what can we do to help the cat learn good behaviors for scathing. First, do not spray a cat if they are scratching on the counter as they will jump off, run, and think it is a game. Take them off and let them know that this is not acceptable for them to do this. A firm voice can accomplish this. Alternatively, use some ways like a pop can secured with tape with coins in the can this will makes noises to let them know you do not want this done and they should not be up there.

Providing a scratching pole or tree for the cat would be the best solution. With a scratching post, they are able to do this and not have your furniture ruin. There are many different types of scratching post on the market to get for the cat. Some are standing alone with carpeting on them to deluxe kind that the cat can scratch and climb with cubbyholes for them to nest in, nap, or hide. Also when purchasing a pole or tree for the cat, watch the carpeting on them as the cat will hook their claws on the loop if that is the type of carpeting that is on there.

Teaching a cat to scratch on a pole or tree does not come easy. You will have to show the cat what the pole is for and what options that can do on it. You yourself will have to scratch at the pole to show them that this is ok to do there. Providing good playtime with a cat with the pole will show the cat that they are able to use this. With rewarding the cat with a massage or healthy treat when they do use the pole. This will let the cat know that the behavior is acceptable.

Another thing that you could consider to help a cat not to scratch at your furniture is wrap the furniture in aluminum foil. Cats do not like the feel or the touch of aluminum foil. Putting netting or some type of woven fabric over it can help also, as cats do not like to snag their claws.

Making an environment when the cat is at home its self is a good idea to do, especially if they are still scratching at furniture, climbing the drapes or jumping on and off the counters and tables. This way you know the cat is safe and they can learn that they have to use only the items that you allow them to play with when you are gone or when you are at home. The environment should contain the only items that the cat able to play with. Scathing pole, toys, strings, balls, most important cat litter dish. One thing we do not want to forget is do not leave the water or the food out for the cat to get too as they will need to use the litter box and if you have not trained them yet you could have a surprises when you get home.

Cutting the cat claws to a proper length is another thing that will help. Cutting them to much down to the pink area will hurt the cat and could cause them to get infection. There are plenty of trained pet groomers to do this for a very small reasonable charge. You could ask the vet for a good groomer in your area.

I would love to share my cat training secrets with you and my new special articles on cat training do just that! Everything you need to know to train your cat is included in these special reports: See our Special section on Cat Breads.

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