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About HART Kahuna

OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. Mr Meeseeks says:

    I assume you can do this with a budgie as well?

  2. Nizam Uarif says:

    Don't try in human will see

  3. How'd you get her to respond to the trigger hand signal?

  4. Sleepy Bird says:

    Idk I laughed at session 8 😂

  5. Agnelo Fernandes says:

    U are really good at training your bird

  6. 100 years later

  7. JAMES FLOWERS says:

    I think your bird got progressively chubbier throughout the video

  8. That worked

  9. Very cool and interesting

  10. What are you giving as treat

  11. * Peace maker * says:

    Well done ☺

  12. What are you using for treats

  13. This video was superb.. very easy to understand.

  14. Charlotte Martin says:

    I am so exited about my new budgie I'm getting and what time do you think is right to start teaching him to play dead a month, a week?

  15. UmniLou JumniLou says:

    I want to get a pet bird
    Just aware it won't get along with my guinea pigs

  16. ISABEL LPS108 says:

    Your bird is beautiful and cute

  17. Yvonne Chereck says:

    What do you use for treats?

  18. Jessica Johnson says:

    I have two canaries that I'd love to train, but they're incredibly afraid of hands. Could you do a video about hand taming birds?

  19. Great video!

  20. Marthel Elena says:

    What do you have in youre right hand??

  21. AnaCristina Rangel says:

    I love your videos. You are so patient and this is one of the best animal training tutorial'd ever. 👏🏻

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