Training session: Ferret learning to clap

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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21 Responses

  1. Brianna the ferret lover
    | Reply

    That is a good way to to teach your ferret aka the most cutest animals.

  2. Tiffany Roe
    | Reply

    joey is adorable. I love this idea. I just watched teaching a deaf ferret to come. mine, spaz, is deaf but we've only trained on cuddling lol her mates Fiona(oldest)and Harvey(youngest) passed on last October and December, who were present friends for her, adopted at different times. I've had her since she was 6 months and now we're celebrating 6 yrs this year(I think, lol) so since she's alone again we're just now working on bonding. And bc she's deaf, I never let her out of my sight. training to keep her in my pocket or purse will be our main objective, if you have any suggestions. thanks!

  3. nrivera6940
    | Reply

    Hey I was wondering what kinds of treats do u feed Joey and where do u purchase them?

  4. Corbin Olson
    | Reply

    PLEASE HELP!! I own two ferrets and I am trying to train them to do tricks. How should I go about training two ferrets?? And what do I do because neither of them like ferret treats.. What treats do you use with Joey?

  5. tatarjj2007
    | Reply

    Is that a big ferret or are you a small lady, or is my sense of the typical size of a ferret wrong?

  6. Sara Smitherman
    | Reply

    love your videos! do you think you could keep making videos about training deaf ferrets? 🙂

  7. Rayna Hilton
    | Reply

    Joey looks a little bit lighter in this video…

  8. Trisha 2nd
    | Reply

    well done on 100 videos!

  9. thefunnynarwals
    | Reply

    I'm soon getting a ferret!! It's gong to be my first time having one but my dad owned one when he was little! But do you have any tips for me?

  10. BriiNelly
    | Reply

    have you considered getting a second ferret?

  11. Brittany B
    | Reply

    I just recently got a ferret, she's about 8 weeks old and she will not sit still when she's out of the cage, I know she's still a kit, but will she calm down after reaching full maturity so I can hold her or will she always be this playful? Thanks!

  12. Brindy Roadifer
    | Reply

    So I will be traveling for Christmas with my ferret, it is a long 9 hour drive. She is litter box trained and can walk on a leash so I was wondering if you could do a video on traveling with your ferret incase I should get a traveling cage with room for a litter box or if I should just give her bathroom breaks when we stop? I'm just a little lost and would love your input, thanks!

  13. Positive Ferrets
    | Reply

    Sooooo cute! The rope is a really great idea, Joey has such good coordination and his little mitts make this even more adorable 🙂

  14. Sam Cox
    | Reply

    great job both of you

  15. Sydney C
    | Reply

    Hi Courtney… Or anyone that could answer my question! I really want a ferret but my parents aren't so convinced. Do you have any idea how I could help them see the joy in ferrets? Everything they say about ferrets seems to be negative and it bugs me so much because I love them! Thanks to anyone that could possibly help me😀

  16. Maisie
    | Reply

    aawww joey looks so cute how many tricks have you teatched him lol does he remember all off them ?

  17. Weronika's animal farm
    | Reply

    I will like every video you post from now on! When I get my ferret i will watch your videos. You are awesome!☺️

  18. Maggie Riojas
    | Reply

    yey Joey 🙂 keep those videos coming 🙂

  19. denbronconoy1 0
    | Reply

    he's the best

  20. Cilla Park
    | Reply

    Did Joeys coat get lighter?

  21. Ashley Trudelle
    | Reply

    hi Courtney my name is ashley and I really want to get a ferret but I have a lot of questions like… will he bite REALLY hard, how long does it take to train, and stuff like that. could you possibly do a video on answers to questions that people have if they are thinking about getting a ferret? it would help me so much

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