Training Rabbits To Jump Hurdles!

Bunny exercise and introducing bunny jumping! 😀 mypamperedpets.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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30 Responses

  1. AnimalLover8699
    | Reply

    oh and jasper is very cleverc 🙂

  2. AnimalLover8699
    | Reply

    mischief tinkerbell and blossom are like my rabbit. my rabbit is very lazy and my dad is building him a run soon so i can’t wait!

  3. strawberry765
    | Reply

    This was great! The clips at the end were very inventive! Jasper looks like a wonderful rabbit.

  4. Nóra Bodzsár
    | Reply


  5. lpsgrace lpsdaryl
    | Reply

    harry up and get to the jumping

  6. grace ali
    | Reply

    OMG That was amazing!!!! You should take him to contests and have him compete against other rabbits! Is he a dutch rabbit?

  7. Charlotte Bland
    | Reply

    The one at the end was huge!!!!

  8. Rabbit Bunny
    | Reply

    Aw cute bunnies! I put my rabbit patchy on the harness in the summer

  9. dogfreakac
    | Reply

    ur buns are beautiful

  10. Gabey72
    | Reply

    I wish I could do that to my rabbit but he runs away and if I try and put him on the lead he is to fat!

  11. aafia khan
    | Reply

    than i bought another one this time i was determined to keep it alive a feed it milk and everything after a week it died i dont get it wats happening plz help me i dont want any other pet to die at wen i will get another bunny i dont want it to die plz i m begging u help me

  12. aafia khan
    | Reply

    i had two bunnys and they made babys but they all died only one survivedand his name is candy i for months his been alone with no brothers or parents so i decided to bring his father bck my uncle brought him back i was so happy at my b-day i realized my uncle lied to me and brought me a girl than i forced him to get annother rabbit i brought a little baby rabbit i let candy and the big rabbit which i called crystal play than crystal bit the baby AND AFTER 2 MONTHS IT DIED and ….

  13. Andrew James
    | Reply

    my rabbits can jump that high like in 14:07

  14. jrockzarb
    | Reply

    14:07 is AMAZING SKILL

  15. Michaela Freeman
    | Reply

    dutch rabbits look like they have pants lol

  16. Michaela Freeman
    | Reply

    it does not matter really i started training mine at 3 monthes (btw she is still 3 monthes)

  17. mypets321
    | Reply

    how old do rabbits need 2 b when u start traiing them 2 jump?

  18. LilleEmilia
    | Reply

    Liam has also jumped 210 cm long

  19. LilleEmilia
    | Reply

    I i live in Norway and my bunnies are AMAZING! Liam’s record is 75 cm. My friends bunny have jumped 90 cm!

  20. MyBabyBunnyxx
    | Reply

    woah u have one very well trained rabbit!!! does it do competions? so cute :)x

  21. Rabbits101a
    | Reply

    Is it fine to have a 2ft wide and 4ft long and 5ft high hutch, My bun gets atleast 3-7 hrs per day outside running:)

  22. horselover18424
    | Reply

    my rabbit jumps on and off our couch and from couch to couch……. yea shell like it

  23. mouson101rabbits
    | Reply

    woow that was amzing your rabbit jasper flys over them not jump FLY iv just started to train my dutch shes atlest a yr old now or just under she cant jump high yet as shes still small an male dutchs get bigger then the girls can i ask you if you dont mind where did you get your hurdles from im from u.k btw 🙂 xx

  24. Katie Eventing
    | Reply

    My rabbit gets to run around my whole back yard:) which is about a half an acre:)

  25. Humlan11
    | Reply

    can you give me the link to the page cause my bunny always get stuck with his leggs in his leach and his harness is to small because he is much bigger now, we bought it when he was small.

  26. Humlan11
    | Reply

    I live in sweden 😀 my bunny is a god jumper but only when he wants to.

  27. Matt Davis
    | Reply

    @horserulez99 they can eat grass as long as it doesn’t have fertilizer or other animal pee on it they should be absolutely fine!

  28. HorsezRulesz99
    | Reply

    Hey:) Im getting a bunny soon^^ I was wondering… can they just eat the grass off the floor like that? will they be ok? Please answer… thanks^^ BTW. Your bunnies are amazing^^

  29. RealRabbitCare
    | Reply

    hiya, thanks 🙂 As long as your rabbit in’t running around and going mad in the harness, it means he’s ok with it. 🙂 Jasper was about 8 months when we began training. I’d do the most important thing first which is to bond your rabbits, remember to do this in a neutral small place. Then after a few weeks you could start training them both! 😀 Good luck, remember to never force them although I’m sure you wont! 🙂

  30. Matt Davis
    | Reply

    Wow this was amazing but how old was Jasper when he first started jumping? I really want to teach my 3 year old bunny to do this but I’m getting another bunny in a week so should I just wait to introduce it to my new 1??? Also my bunny just licked the harness when it was on so does that mean he didn’t like it????? Pls answer my ?’s and that would be great!!!!

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