Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! (

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Personal protection dog training. Blog post here: Follow us on our dog training facebook page:

What do you think?

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27 Responses

  1. CrimsonCrow518
    | Reply

    Look at that drool in slowmo! XDD

  2. PorscheORviper
    | Reply

    is that white one a dogo argentino?

  3. OGdank13
    | Reply

    I dont think its a good idea to hit your dog and have it bite you I mean when would somebody hit a dog if it isn’t a cop dog

  4. adamanime2
    | Reply

    milo rock

  5. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @OGdank13 This type of training is for defense – so their handler can escape harm (personal protection). That is why they need to know how to protect themselves well. Police dogs are usually for offense and have their handler for quick backup usually. The training is so that the dogs are less likely to get hurt if it was a real weapon.

  6. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @PorscheORviper Yes. That’s Toro! He’s a very good one too!

  7. MrLaaziZ
    | Reply

    what is the first step to get the dog to attack the arm ? and what should l do if it dont want to?

  8. zelromek
    | Reply

    good work 🙂

  9. thewlli8
    | Reply

    @OGdank13 well if you have the dog as a guard dog for a i dont know but the burgler would hit your dos so it would need training….

  10. theothereyeofthetigo
    | Reply

    please i need help in training my Doberman 🙁 …!!

  11. fatthead360
    | Reply

    Nice video guys…keep ’em comin

  12. bladeimm
    | Reply

    ? – Were either of these two dogs at all trained in Schutzhund? Do you think it is at all necessary or desirable to achieve the type of ‘weapon-hand switching’ you’re demonstrating here?

  13. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @bladeimm Weapon hand switching for sport such as schutzhund would obviously bad, but for a working dog it is very desirable. A real person will not use a padded stick. I made a blog post that is in video description with more details as to why. The dog sports will show a dog will take a beating. It doesn’t mean you should let a dog take a beating in real life. Too many working dogs get stabbed and injured simply because they are taught to aim for the wrong arm.

  14. bladeimm
    | Reply

    I was told by a reputable trainer of police dogs, shutzhund and personal protection dogs that ‘schutzhund’ is like human grade school & personal protection is like college…I’m interested in a protective family companion that will be able to protect itself. What’s your opinion – should I bypass the shutzhund all together? And stick with obedience and personal protection only? It is obvious that schutzhund has its weaknesses for the dog’s safety.

  15. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @bladeimm If personal protection is your goal and you have no need or desire to title the dog I would say train only for personal protection. But, it really comes down to the individual trainer’s opinion and how they train. We all have differences. The way I do it, I have to undo and retrain the dog to different target areas that can be started on a dog from a young age. If your dog has the right temperament isn’t going to make a giant difference in the long run – besides time spent.

  16. bladeimm
    | Reply

    @k91dogtraining How much does it matter if a personal protection dog is spayed or neutered? Why do police departments go to all the trouble of getting their dogs out of the U.S.?

  17. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @bladeimm In Europe a much higher percentage of dogs are bred for health and temperament first, rather then looks, size, or money here (in the US)..
    In general a dog that has gone through sexual maturity before being neutered will be easier to train for personal protection because of a more serious attitude, but neutered dogs are easier to train in obedience in general. There are always exceptions but just saying if all else is equal.

  18. aravec
    | Reply

    Excellent training and excellent video. Really well made. Great stuff guys.

  19. furiaenelparaiso
    | Reply

    great Milo!

  20. 333Joeys
    | Reply

    where are you guys located i would like to work on advanced obidience with my corso

  21. Ritercrazy
    | Reply

    If I was getting bitten, there is no way I could change the weapon to another hand. Men might be that tough, but this girl is not! One clamp and I’d be down begging for mercy.

  22. Lawrence1443
    | Reply

    Nice Dogo Argentino have you worked with any American Bandogs I sugguest you check them out theironly fault is failure to complete the bark and hold but that fault has it’s advantages .

  23. tenkaichi2master23
    | Reply

    ok so here is my question how do i get my german shepherd trained to protect my family and house from burglars? my dog is toooo friendly and wags her tail at every stranger

  24. FaintHD
    | Reply

    What is the white dog what breed

  25. abndogo
    | Reply

    Faint HD, that is Toro, a 5 1/2 year old male Dogo Argentino

  26. Barb
    | Reply

    I love the idea of teaching the dogs to also defend themselves. THANK YOU!

    • HART (aka PetLvr Admin)
      | Reply

      yeah 🙂 and, at about 4:05 in the video, it looked like the working service dog picked up that stick and was going to attack the trainer! lol… that would have been interesting to see!

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