Training my green cheek conure

If you just want to see the tricks I’ll upload that later, but this is a break down of training and methods I used, etc. More driving videos to come. Remember to like, share and subscribe for more videos! And leave any suggestions in comments. Thanks!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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18 Responses

  1. Deez Mutts
    | Reply

    Parrots are far smarter then a dog.A parrot will never be outsmarted by a dog which is why it's easier to train them.Some are too smart .

  2. Sean Roozen
    | Reply

    Dude… totally on this level. We're getting a green cheek on Monday that we met tonight, already looking up how to train her.

  3. Claudia Serodio
    | Reply

    These are really cute birds check here to learn more about them ( )

  4. thekid youtuber
    | Reply

    How old is he or she

  5. Ruby
    | Reply

    Are cockatiels noisy?

    Iโ€™ve done loads of research on them but I canโ€™t find anything about noise

  6. Leslie Forsdyke
    | Reply

    if clicker training a parrot is weird I just be a nutcase, I've done clicker training with a rabbit before now!

  7. Crippling Anxiety
    | Reply


  8. Maxwell Grimsley
    | Reply

    You are so precious. This was super helpful. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. dbvdb gaming
    | Reply

    GO AND WATCH IT. I'm sorry I'm sorry jeez

  10. OpiateX
    | Reply

    "Clicker training is good because it bridges the gap between animals and humans".

    Umm… That's not the gap that is being bridged. The clicker being clicked is bridging the gap between the successful performance of the desired behavior and getting the treat. The clicker being clicked is confirmation to the bird that what he did was right and that there will be a treat coming soon. It is taking the place of the treat being made available at the very instant the desired behavior was completed. It is bridging time, not communication.

  11. prajwal pisal
    | Reply

    can we bond with a second handed green cheek conur

  12. 77 Productions
    | Reply

    me and my green cheek watched this together

  13. Gee Bee
    | Reply

    I am a professional dog trainer too. I have a baby conure that was not hand raised and she is a challenge. But we are working through itI bought him because I wanted a boy because I do not want egg issues. Paid for the DNA test and my Merlin changed into a Gazoo. Damn! I should have stayed with my parrotlet Yogi because parrotlets are sexually dimorphic.

  14. Ace Of Spades
    | Reply

    I hope you where not just feeding that seed mix to your bird that went on the diet.

  15. Mother Of The Flock
    | Reply

    None of this works when your bird is not tame, mine do not allow you to get close to them.

  16. Henry Wilson
    | Reply

    Good on you . I used the negative got scolding and he became obedient to me but nobody else. I just wore him down with attention and bonding and life became fun and we traveled and visited so he became socialized too.

  17. Troy Korvick
    | Reply

    How do I get my green cheek to flip over?

  18. Johnnie Smith
    | Reply

    when you clicked that my bird freaked out ๐Ÿ™

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