Training a Horse to Jump

In this video, a young lady will teach you the proper way to train your horse to jump. Horse training can be difficult at first until you get the hang of it….

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11 Responses

  1. Hailey P
    | Reply

    you should attach the lead rode or lung rope the other way so it is easier

  2. Kaily Sooy
    | Reply

    she did good but the boots were a little off make sure the last strap gose
    under and up to give the horse that extra support

  3. Kaily Sooy
    | Reply

    and for Sara McGuire you can ride or lunge both ways are but i prefer to
    lunge first so your horse learns first then ride but dont jump with a
    western saddle it can pinch them when they jump and as for your horse going
    around the poles sounds to me like you just gotta make it fun for him and
    make sure he is sound so its not painful to jump i would just make it fun
    for him by lots of rewarding and treats that how i got my horse to enjoy it

  4. Sarah McGuire
    | Reply

    I’m about to be teaching my horse AND myself to jump. Am I supposed to
    teach him by doing it in a lunge or can I be riding him? And what about
    trotting poles? What do I do if he KEEPS going around the jump?

  5. Natalie Allen
    | Reply

    Shut up you fat idiots she is doing the right thing to her horse ok she did
    reward the horse with a pat and she is just taking it slow with the trot
    canter thing

  6. gemma poolton
    | Reply

    if your going to intoduce faster paces you need to make sure she s on a

  7. gemma poolton
    | Reply

    i luv the rendom chiken 🙂

  8. MoreThanJustAHorse
    | Reply

    If your teaching her to jump, once she jumps it you need to stop and pat
    her, this is a way if letting her know she has done the right thing, if you
    keep getting her to jump it she won’t understand that’s what you want 🙂
    Cute little horse tho

  9. UmmmPleaseImSmexy
    | Reply

    5:52 when she is doing that higher jump she needs to bring it to a lope
    because that horse needed to understand higher + faster = no scaredness of
    the sound of my hooves hitting the pole

  10. Hayleytalented
    | Reply

    Would you mind doing a film of how to get a horse to behave when tacking up

  11. claudiahorsevideos
    | Reply

    nice tutorial and I really like the chicken, who keeps trying to steel the

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