Training a Cat to Sit

My friends’ cats help show an easy, pet-friendly way to teach your cat to sit on cue.

This is now a pretty old video, and I’ll be back on YouTube, posting newer (less dry…) videos soon! Thank you all for still watching and commenting on this 🙂 Happy training!

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14 Responses

  1. Ginger K.
    | Reply

    Such pretty cats!

  2. Richard Williamson
    | Reply

    What is the reason for wanting a cat to sit?

  3. Endrit YA
    | Reply


  4. Puppy Joy
    | Reply

    It was hard, but I got my sixteen year old cat to do it. Sit down twice = 2 cat treats!

  5. Bewitched2020
    | Reply

    All i did was push my cats bottom down gently like you would a dog and i say sit and i always make sure my cat is sitting before i feed him. This method looks like it works well but i wonder if it would speed up the process if you're more direct w your cat like i just mentioned. It worked for me but i dont do this all the time and i dont know if he's just naturally doing it cus hes waiting to be fed or if its me.

  6. Jake Green
    | Reply

    Will cats ever learn to sit without a (food) reward? Like my dog will sit even though I don't usually reward her for doing so, she just obeys the command, and if there is a reward it's usually just head pats. Is it possible to get a cat to the same level of obedience?

  7. RafAttack YT
    | Reply

    Wow this is smart so if your reward the cat with food right before they did something and if ypu do it again the cat will do the movement ffor the treat more freaquently that really smart

  8. nirma aisyr
    | Reply

    My future in a nutshell

  9. Emanuele Nicolas
    | Reply

    What breed are they? Theyre huge.

  10. min bella
    | Reply

    lol this didnt work for my cat. he loves me but gets so excited about the treats he lashes out with his claws at the treat and knocks it away xD

  11. Saba Siddique Momo
    | Reply

    I have a question 🙋
    I want an idea about the age I can train my cat to sit

  12. scott carney
    | Reply

    any cat will sit after a minute this bitch is fucking stupid

  13. Streichan Family
    | Reply


  14. S Fawver
    | Reply

    I have recently rescued a cat and he has so much energy and a big appetite so I was hoping he'd be able to do things like this to keep him entertained. He's actually caught on pretty quick. Thanks for this!!

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