Train your parrot to roll over In this video I show you how I trained my parrot to roll over. I actually recorded him as I was training him this new trick so you can see how I do it.
There are many training methods out there, this is just the one I use. It may not be the best but it works for me and my bird.

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18 Responses

  1. #FunTime #RiVa
    | Reply

    my parrot's feather are paining when i try to teach is it harmfull to teach????

  2. Lola
    | Reply

    My bird came from a very abusive home and only recently has been able to get close to me. I hope one day he will let me pet him and I can teach him how to roll over ;-;

  3. Niamh's World
    | Reply

    Me:be a maverick 🦅

    | Reply

    Lol he spelled later wrong

  5. Majestic Fox
    | Reply

    4:52 UGH! That bugs me so much! "latter" ugh

  6. Tinka And tiktac
    | Reply

    Your bird is so patient! My birds get grumpy easily 😂 I still love them and they still learn tricks 😂

  7. speak to bird
    | Reply

    sooooo sooo cute.. ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. Nu Skinner
    | Reply

    You roll over.

  9. TheDeadloxxTeam
    | Reply

    Lol 2017 how's ur bird?

  10. Rajii Prabu
    | Reply

    Why don't you nudge him

  11. Ellen Clark
    | Reply

    What a gorgeous – and adorable – bird! I like your teaching style. Lots of patience and encouragement.

  12. Ajanthan Sivagnanam
    | Reply

    What should I do if my conure bites me while rolling him on his back or hold him while he's on his back?

  13. Michael Tinkler
    | Reply

    i thought peanuts were bad for conures

  14. Beatrice F
    | Reply

    really talented Bird! i'm gonna teach this to my sun conure as well thanks 😊

  15. Cockatiel Animations
    | Reply

    How can I train my lovebird if she doesn't take treats? She doesn't like to be petted, she doesn't like any kind of treat (millet, sunflower seeds, carrots, apples, ect.)
    I have no way of rewarding her. She hasn't learned step up yet because of this. She is 11 weeks old.

  16. Christine Cooper
    | Reply

    i dont like how you handle the poor bird how would you like it . you should be ashamed making the bird nervous

  17. Katie Kat
    | Reply

    You can't feed birds peanuts! They have this oil in them that is not good for birds!
    I am definitely going to try this with my cockatiel!

  18. z586
    | Reply

    you're welcome..

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